Intel’s PasswordBox declares ‘True Key’ where users are the password

About a month ago in the starting of December, Intel stated that they had acquired a company named PasswordBox which is a Canadian password Manager Company. This Canadian password manager company provides its user a facility to store the password, i.e. password storage solution that makes the users free from entering the information again to login in any websites. It’s just a month and the result of acquisition of PasswordBox by Intel is becoming very productive.



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PasswordBox declared on 5th January that they were going to initiate a new service named ‘True key’. This is an interesting alternative to the password storage solution. This service is going to be debuted in Las Vegas in next few days. This feature is completely different from password storage solution. True Key does not require any password to create rather you are the password. If you are a PasswordBox customer, then this is an exciting service for you. Here the software can recognize you as the password by some unique features like the distance between your eyes and lips or by some unique features of your device. However, these unique attributes have to be evaluated and approved by the software first, and once it is done you can use this feature for all that sites where you have True Key set controlling.

Intel has announced this software recently, but the feature is not accessible to public until now. But of course you will see the feature very soon if you are a PasswordBox customer. The password storage solution will be replaced by the True Key gradually. However, if you are very excited and want to experience the features very soon then you need to request an invite to beta service, and the service will be activated soon.