Insurgency Sandstorm – Release Date, Features, Rumors and News

Insurgency Sandstorm – Release Date, Features, Rumors and News

Insurgency Sandstorm is a first-person shooter and team-based game comprising of multiplayer actions that are objective-oriented. The deadly combat in the game with destructive ammunition, vehicles that are designed for light attack and ballistics amalgamate create an unrivalled design. With fear at every pace, the gamers have to navigate the environment with tactical approaches and take a closer look at ammo management.

The approach of the game

The Middle Eastern conflict in the game is fictional and contemporary and the options of gameplay include; modes between player to player, the Al game modes versus the cooperative and intensely competitive matchmaking. The gamers can choose their loadout from attachments, weapons, upgrades, armors and other equipment. It follows the footsteps of indie breakout FPS Insurgency and will be available in the gaming consoles for the first time. This version of the game is bigger, illustrated, expandable and better in every way. The gamers can experience a new world and modern combat where teamwork helps in winning fights with the opportunity of rewards for the skills that they display.

Insurgency Sandstorm Release Date

Developed by New World Interactive and designed by Michael Tsarouhas, the initial date of release is in September 2018. The major platforms of the game are Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

Insurgency Sandstorm Game

Intense environment

The ambience of the game is intense, and the concept of terror is encapsulated in the modern scenario. With the intense speed at every step, the environment is fiercely enormous and is war-torn. There is no better way to enjoy the game than to understand how every character can customize with an array of clothing sets, accessories, and uniforms. The voices of the characters are also intense.

Playing the game

You can coordinate with the team for fire support and keep the enemy engaged with vehicles that are mounted with machine guns. While moving ahead with the right matches in small scale, you enjoy the true spirit of fighting. You have loads of new weapons and upgrades at every stage and maneuver them tactically to take control of the enemy.

Insurgency Sandstorm Release Date

Depiction of war

The acclaim of this game as atmospheric shooter continues in this sequel as well. It is created on Unreal 4 to make the close quarter fights fit into the realm of realism on the whole and the overall feeling is contemporary. Survival in this game is one of the key aspects and there is a reward for every skill. The gamers can feel the fearful impact and the bullets as well.

Announcements about the game

The E3 2018 has created an opportunity to showcase the progress of the game to the influencers, press, and millions of fans that have finally got their hand into the game. While pre-ordering the game, people can receive about ten percent discount on Sandstorm purchase and also access the beta, which is likely to be available a few weeks before the release. Customers can also receive ten percent discount for Sandstorm purchase if they own the original game of Insurgency on Stream.

Insurgency Sandstorm E3 2018

Features of the game

The formula in this Sequel of Insurgency has evolved from the previous versions although the essence remains similar. The enhancement and the expansion present in this version are ecstatic and have transformed the game into a New Era. There is a wide range of gameplay involved and the possibilities are matchless and unending. The immersion has also improved in different modes. The lethal action that has successfully made this game a phenomenon remains throughout the game. You get the same flavor just like the old games, but the feeling is completely new due to the unique features of the game.

Fighting is the way of life

The battlefield as shown in this game is modern and the designer has created versatile mechanics with gameplay that leads to a blurry image between the shooter and the reality. The decisions taken within a split of a second implies that death hangs on your head. The ballistic calculation of each weapon is one of its kinds that can measure things such as the penetration of power and bullet drop. You have to choose the tactics of navigation carefully such as dropping magazines for expediting the reloads. Opening the doors comes with a different stance. You can choose to open quietly or bash them down with a charge on the shoulders.

Insurgency Sandstorm Feature

Range of weapons

You can participate in massive games with air strikes, artillery barrages, commercial drones that are repurposed and drive the vehicles that are meant for land transport. The gamers can engage in extensive battles across the maps that expand beyond the limit and exceed into the interior and always stay prepared with the team to control the high-value objectives. The size of each map and the area of the play are to be adjusted and tweaked according to the mode of the game. You can also play in co-operation against the bots.

The essence of the game

Just like the previous version of Insurgency, the emphasis here is on teamwork instead of personal success. The features of the game such as personalization of characters and ranked matchmaking are the other things you enjoy in this game. With the voice chat positioned in the game and clever use of air support and vehicles make the game enjoyable.

Insurgency Sandstorm

News about Insurgency Sandstorm

During an event before the release of the game, the lead designer, Michael Tsarouhas had a lot of information to provide to the gamers who are equally excited about the upcoming release. According to him, none of the features of the game are locked through progression. You have the freedom to choose different weapons according to the class. When you die, the supply points remain intact and you are free to outsmart the insurgent and follow the kind of play style you want. The cosmetic changes in the game are different though and you can customize the appearance and the voice initially. Right from; headgear, gloves, boots, cameo pattern, trousers and tops, each can be unlocked through progression.

As you level up to a certain stage, you can earn about a hundred appearance credits and one item that is random. You can spend the credits to change the cosmetic options you want, without facing any kind of restrictions. Tsarouhas has ruled out the option of loot boxes in the game. He goes on to say “We don’t want to do loot boxes. I’m a gamer too and that stuff is just kind of confusing. It’s just a cool shirt, right? If somebody just wants a cool shirt to let ’em have it. Don’t make them have to gamble for it”.

Insurgency Sandstorm new feature

Even though there are lots of bullets and action in the game, the entire thing seems to be much more real than what you may have come across until now.

Trailer of the game

The trailer of the game features uncompromising combat with empowered graphics unraveling at every stage. Along with this, you come across some more unique features such as the barrage of artillery and the vehicles that can be driven. Earlier, during this year, the developers have announced that they are planning to drop the game to switch to the typical multiplayer games, but this announcement has not deterred the gamers from enjoying the trailer full-length and they are now anxiously waiting to get the final version of the game, first time on the consoles.

Insurgency Sandstorm Rumors

The single-player narrative in the game has created irk and the concerns over the investment of the developer seems to have got intense. However, that is in no way good enough to make far-fetched predictions about the game and it is too early to comment. There is a lot of time to check how powerful is the writing and how the real-life conflict in the game may appear to be a source of inspiration. You must wait until the time of the release and the developers have handled this delicate situation tactical as they have been doing it for years. The game intends to convey a powerful message and the gamers have to wait for their chance to get their hands on some fast and furious action game that is about to knock their PC’s this September.

Insurgency Sandstorm Rumour

Final touches

Insurgency sandstorm is one of the biggest sequels of one of the most critically-acclaimed first-person shooter game. The realistic approach of the game, combined with the mind-blowing experiences and a wonderful approach to a world-class military combat are the major things that keep the gamers hooked. Added to it are character customization and the light attack vehicles you drive. The anxiousness of waiting for the game will finally end this September.



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