How to Install Windows 10 without USB or CD/DVD

Installing Windows 10 or any other version of Windows is customarily done with an USB or CD/DVD type disk. You need some sort of third party device from which to boot the ISO image and trigger the installation, but did you know that a clean installation that does not require such additional paraphernalia is now possible? If this is something that interests you, before we proceed with this mini-tutorial you need to know that you will do this at your own risk. This is not the recommended method of installation, but it is possible if done correctly.

What to Do

  1. First and foremost, make sure to create a backup of all the data and personal files on your computer. This will be very useful after the installation is complete or if anything goes wrong in the process (which we dearly hop won’t be the case).
  2. Now go to a reliable tech blog of your choice and liking and download the Windows 10 ISO image. Then, after the download is completed, right click on it and select ‘Mount’.
  3. Open the newly mounted drive by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Open in new window’. You will see a setup file there, so double click it in order for the installation process to start out.
  4. The first window that will pop up will be the one about important updates. There are two options here:
  • Download and install updates (recommended)
  • Not right now

You can select any one of them, but we and Windows 10 recommend the first one for obvious reasons. If you choose the second one, you will be able to choose to get updates following the installation.

  1. The rest of the process will unfold like a normal Windows 10 installation.

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