Instagram Went Down, and People Were Baffled

Instagram Went Down, and People Were Baffled

For most of us, prominent social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others have become one of the first things that we check daily, sometimes multiple times throughout the day. They have become one of those pleasant distractions that we indulge in but, the minute that something goes wrong and you are unable to check your account, you get unnerved. Such was the case just recently with Instagram, which crashed for almost all of its users worldwide. Today we will be talking about when that happened, which regions were affected and how was it fixed.

When did it happen

Yesterday, there was an issue with Instagram. The app would continuously crash. For some users, the problem started before they even went past the login screen. Most reports came from people who had Android phones, which suggests that this problem did not affect those who had iPhones. Lucky them, we say.

What regions were affected

Multiple reports have stated that the crash changed almost every area on the globe, but most of the hotspots were located in the UK, in Europe, Japan, the USA and South America. This could also be linked to the fact that these regions are densely populated, so online traffic is significantly increased there.

The Down Detector website was the one that tracked the disruption on this particular online service, showing that it was happening across the globe. This website is not centered on Instagram alone; it focuses on monitoring the disruption levels on other online service websites as well.

How was it fixed

Since a large number of people found that their Instagram app kept crashing, they took to Twitter to voice their concerns, see if others were affected by this crash and if/when this problem was going to be resolved. The posts ranged from people that were upset by the turn of event to users that decided to poke fun at the situation in a light-hearted manner.

The Instagram account released a tweet in which they specify the fact that there was indeed an issue that caused the app to crash on Android devices. They assured the users that a new patch was released which solves this problem.

So, how can you get your Instagram to work again if you are among those that were affected by the server crash? Well, the easiest way to get rid of the problem is to update your app to the latest patch which says that it deals with the issue. If that does not work, then we recommend that you delete the app from your phone. Then you are advised to clear the cache. After you managed to do that you should reinstall the app again from your App Store and things should be running smoothly.

In a nutshell, this event marked the moment when Instagram finally had some trouble with its servers. The Facebook-owned app has been shown to be pretty stable but, as with any other app out there, sometimes something goes wrong. On the bright side, that issue has been resolved very quickly, so users did not have to deal with the aftermath of a broken app.



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