InstaAgent May Steal Your Instagram Password

If you have ever installed an app named InstaAgent, you better change your Instagram password right away. The InstaAgent is a third party Instagram app that allows you to track who has viewed you Instagram account. This is one of the famous apps though, but it seems they utilize their popularity for bad purpose.

Yesterday, David Layer-Reiss, a developer of Peppersoft who also installed this app, found on Twitter that InstaAgent sent unencrypted usernames and passwords of its users to an unknown server and posts images on users’ profiles without permission. Right after David published his finding on the Internet, this Malware app is withdrawn from the App Store and Goggle Play Store.

Layer-Reiss via Marshable claims there are around 500,000 users installed this app. If you are one of them, you better remove the InstaAgent app from your device and change your Instagram password immediately for safety, because InstaAgent may steal your Instagram password. Regarding to the malware issue, Apple itself has been facing the challenge to keep their App Store Malware-free  for years and have removed some of the malicious apps from the App Store.

According to Instagram, these apps are “likely an attempt to use your account in an inappropriate way” as InstaAgent does. Instagram is against third-party apps that don’t follow its Community Guidelines.

Source: Marshable

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