Insider Update Comes with New Features and Consistent Improvements

Recently, we got the chance to see the release of the giant Windows 10 Insider Preview update. Needless to say, it brings lots of interesting updates, such as new emoji, a swipe gesture or improvements targeting the Edge browser. The preview can be accessed by the insiders enrolled in the fast ring. Moreover, you will be happy to notice the new look of the Fluent Design System Action Center.

Microsoft’s Plan

From what it seems, Microsoft is keen on making users change their browser option from Chrome to Edge. Following their strategy, they are now providing various updates to make the change more convenient. This includes letting users import settings and cookies from the Google Chrome browser to Edge. You will also see a minor improvement related to the availability of X in order to closing a tab, despite having a JavaScrip dialog open in the browser.

Consistent Improvements

Fans who are enjoying Edge’s support for the EPUB file format will be glad to know that now they are able to copy text and also ask Cortana for some research on a particular word or subject. Moreover, now you can enjoy Ink Notes, a feature that allows you to write notes by hand and add them to a particular section of the e-book. If you hover the mouse over the note, you will see the note instantly, without even opening it.


Moreover, Windows lets you synchronize bookmarks, notes and to log your reading progress over various devices. The Edge browser also brings a new interesting feature, allowing you to view what you saved in a directory tree. The “Add to favorites” dialog also lets you collapse/expand the folders you want. You can even edit the URL of the saved things in the Favorites menu or bar.

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