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Insert SIM Card To Access Network Services Fix Not Register On Network

Not register on network is a common problem found throughout the Samsung Galaxy series. I have written a solution to fix the not registered on network problem, it helped most people but some were still having the problem. However, I have forced my phone to go into that state again Not Register on network“.I have done some experiments and tried some other tricks to fix the not registered on network problem just for the sake of my visitors that needed another solution.

When I was testing out things, I got another error, and I hope most people are having this as well.

When you go toSettings > More > Mobile networks, it saysInsert SIM card to access network services? or something similar to that.

If this is the case, updating your Samsung Galaxy will not fix this problem. I had come across a way that works.I am glad to share it with you what I’ve done to fix not register on network -Insert SIM card to access network services.

My Android was saying this just after I replaced the sim card. I went to mobile setting to select my preferred mobile network but it was saying cannot access sim card, please insert sim.

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How to solve not registered on network, Insert sim card error


Method 1

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to Wireless and network
  • Tap Mobile Networks
  • Press the home button for 2 seconds, while holding the home button, press the power button together for 15 seconds
  • Your Galaxy Phone will Blink several times and for some cases, you will see a black screen with line 400, no worries.
  • Your phone will reboot by its self, if, for some reason, it doesn’t reboot, hold the buttons with each other again



Method 2

If you had cut your Sim card to adjust to a micro Sim then there are chances that you have cut the Sim card incorrectly. I Have seen many cases where users are seeing No Sim card on their Galaxy Phonemainly because the Sim card does not cut correctly.

What I would suggest is get a micro Sim card instead of an altered Sim and try it within your Galaxy Phone or android phone. If it works, then the Sim card is definitely the problem

IF this does not work, please try these :

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy unknown baseband version  and Restore Galaxy Null IMEI # and Fix Not Registered on Network

You can also try: Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network method 1

(These methods were originally posted on Technobezz) -By Technobezz


I have tried this method on:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

And it worked quite fine.


  1. I have a phone which is oppo and the sim may be not working but the messege always appear that says ” please set acess point name ” . So how can i fix this as I can not ring others or to connect?

  2. No mobile network registered
    Sumsang galaxy grand prime plus
    Medel: sm-g532f/ds
    It does not have the options
    Mobile network. Wireless and network options

  3. I would like to try this fix but on my S7 Edge the “Mobile Network” literally disappears from the menu when I get the message Please insert SIM. So the remaining steps wouldn’t work. Is there another way to achieve the reboot?

  4. Its amazing buying samsung device is biggest mistske nowadays. It happend on my J7 and J8 of my brothers device. Both the device are rendered useless now. When visited samsung care they say we have tonpay for the display also because they must break the display in order to fix that.
    Useless samsung. My j7 also recently got the same proble. From today onwards will never buy samsung device.


    Having tied my brain in knots with all the solutions on the net to this problem, I checked out the signal strength in my house and garden. A maximum of 1 “bar” was achievable in a very few spots – none of them at ground level. I took the phone to my son’s house about a mile away. Bingo! Outgoing calls, and no sign of an error message – especially the above. No internet articles mention this cause or remedy. It may be just what you are looking for . Simple.


  7. Comment:my s4 was doing well but suddely it d0 nt detect sim and mmc. When i try to make call or message it says m0bile netwrk n0t avaliale. But some time it recive messages and after few min signals disappear again

  8. hy my samsung s4 says insect sim to access network services i tries to follow the what was showing here on website if i open my data it keeps on saying it but if wi fi it works pls help

  9. I recently bought an unlocked refurbished Samsung Galaxy Y B5510. It tells me my SIM card does not permit access to the network the Sim card is registered with. In the Phone status screen, it shows the right network, signal strength, but Service State is Out Of Service, Mobile Network State is Disconnected. The IMEI shown is correct. This SIM card works fine on this network in my old Blackberry. I’ve tried every method I’ve been able to find on the Internet, including factory reset and rooting the phone. Nothing affects the interaction between my B5510 and the SIM. And I cannot make calls or messages.

  10. that error means your sim is not compatible with the carrier of your phone. For example: T-mobile Sim won’t work in an AT&T phone and visa Versa only if you carrier unlock the phone so your sim will work. I have had this error before when i put a non compatible sim

  11. Doesnt work on my case. My problem is that when i inserted my sim card a message says to input SIM network unlock PIN to unlock. Which I have no idea. Help me with this please.

    1. Also when i clicked dismiss and tried sending a message it says not registered on network. And got an icon above saying Network locked sim card inserted.

  12. how to regain the signal of a samsung s3? i had re program it but after re program it doesnt have a signal… pls help me solve problem…thank you

  13. In my case, I disabled ‘SIM Change’ alert setting on my Galaxy phone and restarted with my new SIM that had started the problem.

  14. Settings – Wireless and network – Mobile Networks- Held the buttons and it all worked for a day. Then I “removed some apps from my home screen. THEN I got the same error message. So I tried your method again and it will not work. I’ve tried it several times and still no luck. Help?

  15. I have a galaxy note gt n7000 now my galaxy cannot acces the sim card…its always show insert sim card to access mobile network…can you help me to fix it..?

  16. Samsung galaxy note 2 and other galaxy series..has got common issues like
    1) “Insert usim card to access network”.
    2) “Not registered to network”
    3) “No IMEI number, *#06# will state “UNKNOWN APPLICATION”

    4) And the worse one is…phone will show the network…but you would not receive any call… a message on the screen saver will show “no access”.


    Please see the link.

  17. @chevypowell:disqus please help just bought new galaxy s3 sim free running 4.3 jelly bean. Popped micro sim in and its not registering to my carrier. Whenever I want to call it just says “not registered on network” and in settings my network state is “out of service”. Theres signal bars in notifications though but carrier isn’t there it just says “emergency calls only” but those don’t even work. Tried registering to my preferred network but just says “unable to connect”. tried the method above it just restarts and the problem is still there. tried taking out battery and sim for a while but still no luck. even tried factory reset but the problem stil persists. I think the problem can be fixed by rooting and installing the modem files but I don’t want to root my device.


  19. While I am calling in sumsang galaxy S4 it gives me error of “not registered in net work” can u please help me. Thanks

  20. hello good day
    i just bought a samsung galaxy s5 off cragslist and it was working fine then i took out my sim card and after a bit i started to use that phone again it wouldn’t connect to network, i followed your guide how to fix it and still doesn’t work even after i updated it, please help me figure out what the issue is.

  21. Hi i have samsung galaxy tab 2 and i am facing this not registered network problem for a long time! Please suggest some thing! I saw my imei is registered and the ping test doesnt go with tab as i tried but nothing happened! My software is also updated! I even tried the home and power key holding thing! Nothing happened then too! Please suggest and help me with it!

    1. you can dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer

      then click on Device information/Phone

      And click Turn Radio Off/ON

      Then restart your phone

  22. None of these solutions work for me. My phone went in under warranty. They wouldn’t repair it because they say fluid damage. Its a lie though there was no fluid damage. When I got it back they had wiped my phone and my imei number has changed, however now it just says my network provider is unavailable and on emergency calls only.

  23. Awesome,

    I called up customer care to solve this issue. They dint know what to do.
    I suspected some problem with my S3 and looked up on the net.

    A big thanks to you for solving this.

  24. I just brought a galaxy 4 and i have problem with access network every time when i insert my sim card it’s warning me with insert sim card is there any way to fixed this problem as soon as possible .thank’s

  25. even i face the “mobile network not available” popup problem with my note3 cell wen i try to call or message. please suggest me some way to get rid of this problem, i tried the possible ways that you have uploaded but its not working

  26. well.. right now it simply turn off my mobile (after 8 seconds of holding) and wont power up again unless i take out the battery and insert again… (pressing the home and power simultaneously )

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