Insert SIM Card To Access Network Services Fix Not Register On Network

Not registered on network is a common problem found throughout the Samsung Galaxy series. I have written a solution to fix the not registered on network problem, it helped most people, but some were still having trouble. However, I have forced my phone to go into that state again, Not Register on network.”I have done some experiments and tried some other tricks to fix the not registered on network problem just for the sake of my visitors that needed another solution.

When I was testing out things, I got another error, and I hope most people are having this as well.

When you go toSettings > More > Mobile networks, it says,Insert SIM card to access network services? or something similar to that.

If this is the case, updating your Samsung Galaxy will not fix this problem. I had come across a way that works. I am glad to share what I’ve done to fix not register on the network -Insert SIM card to access network services.

My Android was saying this just after I replaced the sim card. I went to the mobile setting to select my preferred mobile network, but it was saying cannot access the sim card. Please insert sim.

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How to solve not registered on the network, Insert sim card error


Method 1

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to Wireless and network
  • Tap Mobile Networks
  • Press the home button for 2 seconds. While holding the home button, press the power button together for 15 seconds.
  • Your Galaxy Phone will Blink several times, and in some cases, you will see a black screen with line 400, no worries.
  • Your phone will reboot by its self. If, for some reason, it doesn’t reboot, hold the buttons with each other again.



Method 2

If you had cut your Sim card to adjust to a micro Sim, then there are chances that you have cut the Sim card incorrectly. I Have seen many cases where users see No Sim card on their Galaxy Phonemainly because the Sim card does not cut correctly.

I would suggest getting a micro Sim card instead of an altered Sim and trying it within your Galaxy Phone or android phone. If it works, then the Sim card is the problem

IF this does not work, please try these :

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You can also try this: Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network method 1

(These methods were initially posted on Technobezz) -By Technobezz


I have tried this method on:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

And it worked pretty fine.