How To Insert Ads In BBPress WordPress Forum

I got a question from a user regarding an issue he had with his BBpress Forum. He would like to insert adverts within the forum of his website. Placement varies and choosing the right plugin to easily and effectively insert Ads From Google Adsense and other Networks within the right place of your BBPress Forum can be really rewarding. In this article i will show you how to insert ads in bbpress forums, the effective places it convert the most and the sizes of the ads you choose. By following this article you will not only insert ads in bbpress but you will also optimize your ads performace.

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How To Insert Ads In BBPress WordPress Forum

I found most people struggle to insert  ads within their bbpress forum. While I was manually adding the raw ad scripts within the .PHP files in BBpress, it worked for the previous version.However, the new bbpress update disregarded that feature, you cannot add no ad code in your bbpress templates. It will not saved.

There is a simple plugin that can give you full control of all the ads you maintain on your website. This plugin is really customizable and  easy to used


How To Insert Ads In BBPress WordPress Forum
How To Insert Ads In BBPress WordPress Forum

>Download Simple BBpress Advert Inserter 

This Plugin can place your google adsense or amazion advert

  • between post
  • Within the body your post
  • At the top and bottom of your forum
  • In individual forums

Use this Simple Plugin to insert ads in bbpress

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