Independent Apple Phone Concept is the iPhone 11 that everyone wants

Independent Apple Phone Concept is the iPhone 11 that everyone wants

An impressive concept for the iPhone 11 was recently released by an independent designer and the device is sure to steal the heart of every Apple fan.

The futuristic concept presents a re-branded Apple Phone that features advanced technology packed in an incredible-looking body. The inspiration for the project was a list of ideal upgrades that would make it the king of smartphones if it made the jump to reality.

The dream

One of the biggest changes targets the notch, which has been moved to the upper-left corner of the device in order to maximize the screen real state while also improving the overall design of the device as the iconic middle notch seems to be present on virtually every flagship released in 2018. The minimized notch would also contain a high-performance camera that would maintain the popular Face ID system which was launched with the iPhone X.

The Apple logo remains visible on the back of the device but the camera has been completely revamped as it features 4 individual cameras grouped in a cross pattern, with a Xenon LED placed right under it. What seems to be a high-power telephoto lens is placed separately under the LED and the device would use an advanced algorithm in order to shoot the best photos possible in virtually any situation.

Available renders show a golden coat but silver and black concepts are also available and the names of the colors fit perfectly: Deep Black, Astral Gold and Icy Silver.

Another great improvement is the addition a revamped Apple Pencil that could fit inside the phone itself, in order to be readily accessible whenever you need it. The stylus would use a low-energy Bluetooth module and it could also work as a remote that would allow you to wake the device without touching the power button.  Using a smart cover, you could write notes directly on the back of the device in order to keep them handy and wipe them easily after you no longer need them. The stylus looks awfully similar to the S-Pen, but that is one feature that Apple should really pick up as people have been asking for an iPhone-compatible Apple Pencil since the accessory was first released for the iPad Pro.

When it comes to the display itself, the screen will feature a high- quality OLED panel with a generous 3000×1386 resolution.

The dream unraveled

No one can contest the beautiful aesthetics and amazing changes proposed by the concept but the chances that it will actually materialize are quite thin. Apple enjoys experimentation but some of the moves are to bold even for the Cupertino-based company.  It may eventually move the notch on the left of the device in order to bring some change (or even on the right in order to surprise everyone) but the competition is bound to immediately adjust to the change.

The camera system looks impressive and the pictures that such a system, powered by an advanced AI, would be able to take have the potential to be the greatest stills captured with a smartphone but five cameras seems a bit much.  Google’s Pixel 3 manages to shoot amazing pictures and it uses a single-sensor camera that is paired with a well-developed AI suite.

Apple will surely stick with the iPhone name for a few generations to come as people always go for what seems to be familiar. When it unveiled the 2018 iPhone line the world was shocked to find out that the number denominator was abandoned as Apple proudly showed the iPhone XS and XS Max, which have already been crowned as the best iPhones that were ever made by several critics and review sites.

As the spectators were recovering Apple revealed what could be called the most surprising iPhone model in the company’s history: the XR model. Immediately, some people thought about the ill-fated iPhone 5c but Apple assured fans that the budget device ($750 will net you the 64GB version) is on par with its more expensive brothers. The terminal features the same A12 Bionic processor sported by the XS and XS Max, the greatest LCD display that ever saw the light of day and a competitive price that makes it look a bargain in comparison to Android offerings in the same price range.



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