How To Improve The Battery Life Of HTC One M8

When it comes to battery life of any smartphone, we are not quite satisfied with anything. We just want that NASA’s battery that lasts around a week after a single charge. But we all know what the reality is.


And it doesn’t matter if the Note 2, and the Xpera Z2 can easily outperform your HTC One M8 in terms of battery life, because yours can too manage to last a day after heavy usage. It surely does beat all the devices of its league. But if you still want to squeeze more time into a single charge, and want to make sure that it lasts more than a day, then here are some awesome tips that will get you exactly what you want. Shall we get started?



How To Improve The Battery Life Of HTC One M8

The Sleep Mode

This Sleep Mode thing on your HTC One M8 is a priceless thing, because it saves a lot of battery when others are just sucking it at the same rate. It automatically detects if the phone has been idle for a long time, and then activates the sleep mode. This will cut off all the data syncing, to save the biggest chunk of battery.

how to improve the battery life of htc one m8

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You just have to enable this mode by going over to Settings – Power and then enabling the Sleep mode. By default, there is a preset time when the phone will go to sleep, but you can manually configure the time that you think suits the best for you.


The Power Saving Mode (Obviously)

This is pretty obvious. Want to save power? Then why not enable the Power Saving mode? While most people know what this mode exactly does, what they didn’t know, is that it clocks down the CPU speed, reduces the brightness of your display, and cuts off your data services when the screen is switched off. Many people think that they will not get the performance that they expect after enabling this mode, but the reality is contrary to that. This mode actually saves the battery juice, while at the same time, giving you the top-notch performance.

how to save battery on htc one m8

It just knows when to use the appropriate resources, and when to put them to rest. And even if you keep hammering your One M8 the whole day with data usage, and other things, you will notice that it simply lasts under a day even in those situations. But consider a road trip, this mode can be a life saver for you. Just head over to Settings – Power, and there it is.


Turn Off Those Unnecessary Features That Just Make You Cool

This is important. You don’t want to look cool to other people while draining your precious battery juice. People will still consider you cool, because you are an M8 user, so just get rid of those extra features that are draining your battery juice.

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Features such as the Motion Gestures, the FitBit step tracker, are simply useless (unless you really do use them). While turning them off won’t give you huge results, but it will make that small difference towards saving your battery life. And when you are on the verge, these little things can literally help you save your phone from dying. Also, make it a habit of switching off your Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when they are not in use.


The Extreme Power Saver

No, there is literally an Extreme Power Saver mode on your One M8. This is best suited when you are on a road trip, and are hoping that last percents of battery will get you through the day (or similar circumstances). Just enable the Extreme Power Saving mode, and this mode will turn your smartphone into a complete dumb phone. This mode is awesome when you are in an extreme emergency, because it can literally add an extra 24 hours to the battery life, with having as little as 10% to run on.

Got more cool ways to save battery? All ideas are welcome, because we all want to reach that 7 days single charge goal of battery life.