iMessage to Closely Resemble WhatsApp in iOS 15

With the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference a couple of weeks away from now, one is getting to hear about a lot of things Apple plans to unveil in front of the world in the near future. While a lot of it is speculative news, some of it is likely to be true. A lot of information pertaining to the upcoming iOS 15 has also come to the forefront.

What One Should Expect From iOS 15?

Last week, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg had shared some interesting information about the kind of features one should expect from the upcoming iOS 15. According to him, Apple is working towards redesigning the way notifications work and want them to cater differently to different users. For example, a user can opt for different notification settings depending on where he is and what he is doing. If he is at work or in an important meeting, he can opt for silent alerts.

According to the report, Apple is trying to provide solutions to privacy-based issues faced by the users with iOS 15. It aims to provide iOS users a better idea about how to secure their data especially when they use different apps on their phones. Users will also be able to put tailored automated replies in their statuses once the iOS 15 is out. These features, in a way, are taking forward what Apple earlier started doing with features or modes like Do Not Disturb While Driving. All this, it hopes, will make iOS users feel more assured about their privacy and the protection of their data.

iMessage VS WhatsApp

It is now widely known that Apple is planning to compete with the Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp through its own iMessage. This ‘competitive spirit’ has led Apple towards making plans and initiatives to make the iMessage good enough to serve as a stiff competitor to the very popular WhatsApp.

Gurman’s sources have claimed that the Cupertino-based tech giant wants iMessage to have the kind of functions or features that make it come across as a social networking app. Apple has taken note of the fact that WhatsApp is the market leader in the messaging/messenger segment. Therefore, it wants to be well-prepared while putting iMessage out there as a serious competitor.

What must also be mentioned here is that these are early days for these developments. That means Apple might finally implement them by the time iOS 15.1 or iOS 15.2 is launched.

The next operating system that Apple will launch for iPads and iPhones will be named iPadOS 15 and iOS 15. If Apple decides to follow the pattern it does for its releases, the mobile operating system will most likely release sometime in September.