IFA 2018 Might Surprise us with the New 8K QLED TV from Samsung

During CES 2018, Samsung managed to take a lot of journalists by surprise when it released the Samsung Q9S. This new addition represents an 8K TV which used artificial intelligence to turn SD and HD video content into incredible 7680 x 4320 video format.

So what happens now?

Apparently, Samsung looks to pull a similar stint during IFA 2018. So, watch out journalists, you might get an encore. According to a Twitter user with the handle @LeogringoD, there is a billboard placed by the South Korean tech giant in Berlin.

By using this billboard, Samsung is announcing the new QLED 8K TVs and advises us to come prepared to be amazed at IFA 2018. We can’t exactly figure out what TV is Samsung talking about, the Wall, the Q9S or a completely different one but we expect something big.

Ultra-Ultra HD TV

There are many senior executives which understood the Ultra HD raises some issues which Samsung needs to face, the most important one being that many of us are still just updating to 4K technology.

So, in order for this 8K TV to work, the ultra-ultra HD technology and upgrades need to be very convincing for the audience. During CES 2018 they managed to address the public regarding the 4K tech and the higher-ups at Samsung should really try their best to enable us to switch to this new addition, even in large screen sizes, like 60 inches or 72 inches.

The company started well by allowing the Q9S to convert lower resolutions into ultra HD content and although the conference which took place in the Las Vegas Convention Center show floor was quite successful, Samsung knows that it still needs to continue in wooing people.

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