Identilock Prevents Accidents With Guns In The House

From the moment you bring a gun in your home, you increase the risk of someone being shot considerably, being by accident or self-defense. The only exception to this rule is to keep a gun in a safe-deposit box, a context in which you will not be able to use it during an emergency. It seems there is a smarter solution to keep your gun in the house, without the risk of it being used by children or anyone else, except the person who purchased it.

A new creation entitled Identilock, attaches a fingerprint reader to any type of gun. In addition, the system seems so well developed that it will not affect the proper functioning of the gun in any way. As you can see in the picture above, this gadget blocks unauthorized access to the trigger. When the fingerprint was identified as the gun owner, Identilock falls off and you will be able to pull the trigger. The whole process occurs instantly, the sensor being one of the best quality on the market.

Since Identilock is an electronic gadget, it requires electricity to do the job. Fortunately, it integrates a battery with an autonomy of 6 months which can be easily charged via a micro USB port. If Identilock ran out of battery and you urgently need the weapon, you can use the safe key provided with the tool.

Identilock can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website for the price of 320 dollars. The only thing you have to be careful after the acquisition is to lock the gun back after using it.