The iCloud Service Will Be Hosted On Google’s Servers

The owners of rival mobile platforms, Google and Apple, have demonstrated that they can work together without problems when needed. As proof, Google’s biggest rival Apple, has signed a contract of an impressive value, the US giant following to host its iCloud services on the infrastructure of the Google Cloud Platform.

According to sources close to the company, in addition to the Data Center services, the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services will be used, the contract signed with Google soon to remove 400-600 million dollars from Apple’s pockets.


Apple is not the only “fat” costumer attracted by the Google Cloud Platform, the famous music service Spotify taking a spot since February.

According to Amir Efrati, Senior Reporter at The Information, the migration of the iCloud services to Google’s Cloud infrastructure will take up to a year, the contract having little chance to be profitable for Google.

Although important for the record, the victory achieved by the conglomerate Google/Alphabet might be short-lived, Apple already having plans for expanding its own data center infrastructure, currently overwhelmed by the number of users.

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