There is still a lot of time for Apple to launch its iPhone 14 series. However, the smartphone series constantly remains in news owing to the many rumors that are floated around it. The rumors, which had come to the fore in the past, had revealed important details about the camera features and display screens of the upcoming devices.

The latest rumors offer a glimpse into the charging port of these smartphones. Despite getting a lot of requests from fans, Apple had refrained from altering the port’s design and switching to the very popular USB-C style port. While some of the MacBook and iPad models do feature a USB-C port now, one has only seen Lightning Ports in iPhones to date.

Though many fans were expecting Apple to switch to a USB-C port with the iPhone series, it seems the Cupertino-based tech giant will not be taking any such step. According to a report published in iDrop, the iPhone 14 series, just like the earlier models, will feature Lightning Ports. Therefore, Apple fans will still not be able to use a standard charger for iPhones. While a USB-C cable can be used to charge MacBooks and iPads, one cannot use it for iPhones.

Despite this disappointment, fans will still have a bunch of new things from the iPhone 14 series. Till now, iPhone models featured USB 2.0 for supporting Lightning Ports. The iPhone 14 series, reportedly, will have USB 3.0. With the integration of USB 3.0, users will be able to transfer data at a speed of 5Gbps. Interestingly, this technology will be introduced only in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. The non-Pro models will continue to feature a USB 2.0 Lightning Port.

The reason behind Apple sticking to Lightning Ports is that it works as a very lucrative revenue model for the brand. Apple provides third-party manufacturers with the requisite license to manufacture cables and other accessories compatible with the Lightning Port. Therefore, if Apple abandons the Lightning Port, it will lose out on a major source of revenue. 

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Elizabeth Kartini

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