Huge iPhone 2019 Leak: A13 Chip, iOS 13 and Triple Camera Setup

The release of the new iPhone 11 is just four months away but has created a lot of stir in the market. Apple is being subjected to a lot of speculations flowing in about the new iPhone, as keen observers are leaving no stones unturned to get the information leaked.

Apple might repeat the trifecta this year with the iPhone 11 possibly launching alongside the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R. No massive updates are expected, the new iPhone will be an incremental update like the yesteryears iPhone XS and the iPhone X.

What has changed in the iPhone 11?

The massive distinction comes from the new rear camera layout. The camera is set to integrate a third 12-megapixel sensor paired with a wide-angle lens which will support a 120-degree field of view.

Rumors are, Apple had been researching the idea of adding optical image stabilization to all three of the iPhone 11’s rear cameras. Though the speculations state that the idea has been jettisoned for the 5G phones releasing in the year 2020. This year’s models will likely have optical image stabilization on the primary and telephoto cameras, similar to iPhone XS.

Apple iphone 11 leaks

Apple is also said to be shifting ground towards a more advanced LED flash that will be of a similar size but should be brighter and light up the additional surrounding area.  The bump on the camera  will be smaller and the image signaling processor is being improved to allow for improved  photography, an upgrade to its Smart HDR feature.

The next generation iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max are most likely to supersede its predecessors with a comparatively large AMOLED displays, and diagonals of 5.8-inches and 6.5-inches respectively.

No remarkable external changes are expected apart from a larger notch. According to the online sources, Apple is updating a  Face ID system that allows it to be used from wider angles than the present. Earlier rumors have also proposed that the advanced security setup will work at curtailed distances.

On the exterior, a new frosted glass-like coating has been adapted on its premium iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 models. New alternatives to the devices encompass a less glossy stainless steel frame on the Space Gray model and a boosted stereo speaker system that yields a clear and loud sound.

Upgraded Siri for the new iPhone 11

The iOS 13 is expected to release with an upgraded Siri, supporting more advanced multi-command backing, huge improvements to comprehensive understanding, and minuscule improvements to circumstantial understanding. An intelligent RAM management system is expected to be launched that will learn from user habits and pre-load apps to speed up the iOS experience.

Sources have revealed that attempts are being made to make the iOS 13 jailbreak proof. Dark Mode feature is highly anticipated, however, its focal point will be dark grey colors and will not include deep AMOLED blacks as formerly expected. Apple is reported to be aiding its application inside third-party apps as well.

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