Huawei to Draw Chips Technology Support from ARM UK

The Chinese company Huawei is affected by the ban imposed on it by the US government as it cannot draw any support from US manufacturers in terms of components or technology. Huawei has been trying to sell its smartphones without key Google applications like Gmail and Maps. The company has now got partial relief since it can avail chip technology from ARM, an important player in this space. Though ARM is an American company, its UK venture is not covered by the US embargo. The chip technology that it will offer Huawei has been developed in the UK. This is the professional opinion offered by the legal team at ARM, UK.

Huawei Designs its Processors Based on Blueprints from ARM

Huawei has been using technology from ARM for designing its processors. ARM gives it the blueprints to Huawei as part of technology transfer. Huawei’s Kirin range of processors is quite popular with most of its smartphones being fitted with them. Though the manufacturer’s devices sold in key markets like the US, the UK, and Europe used to be fitted with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, due to the ban, they can be fitted with only the Kirin processors now. The technology from ARM becomes even more critical for Huawei.


V8and V9 Technologies of ARM from its UK Operations

The chipsets are manufactured by HiSilicon, a company 100% owned by Huawei. Some of the top-rated chipsets made by this unit, like the Kirin 990 owe their original technology to ARM that has developed two proprietary chipsets technologies named v8 and v9 with their origins in the UK. As mentioned above, it is based on this that a legal opinion has been given that the company can make supplies to Huawei without inviting any action from the US government.

Interestingly, Huawei has posted better revenue figures in the first 9 months of this calendar year with an increase of over 24% for the corresponding figure in 2018. Though there has been an impact in pushing some of its models like the Huawei Mate 30 series smartphones, the company’s overall shipment of 200 million units does indicate that it has weathered the storm with some fortitude.

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