Huawei to Debut its own App Store and Operating System this Fall

Huawei received a massive shock last week, as the US government put a trade list ban on the company. This resulted in Google revoking the rights of the company from using Android. This step will have no impact on the already existing Huawei phones as they will continue using Android. However,  the destiny of the new phones seems to be in peril with regards to the OS.

Though the ban has been lifted for 90 days by the US Department of Commerce, the company seems to be having a backup plan of its own. It has been reported that since 2012, the company has been working on its own operating system. Speculations are that Aptoide and Huawei are working in unison to replace the Google Play Store on their devices.

New Phones will replace Android with Indigenous OS

The CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, has claimed that the OS is almost ready and will be released coming fall. He further indicated that instead of Android 10 (Android Q), the next-gen Mate series phone will be released with their own software.

Global Times, a Chinese national newspaper, has reported that the OS will be known as HongMeng OS. The report further stated that the vendor testing of the OS has already begun in certain parts of China. If not on the Mate 30 Pro, we can definitely see the OS on the P40 series.

The new OS, HongMeng OS, will be supported by all the Android Applications. Google Play Store will be replaced by the native app store of Huawei called ‘App Gallery’, thereby enabling the users to download apps. The OS will also support other devices like laptops, tablets, television and wearables.

The use of WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, however, remains questionable as they are apps that belong to American companies.

Google services like the Google Assistant, Gmail, Maps and Play Store will not adhere to the new OS and this might turnover certain customers. Huawei might also have a tough time persuading the developers to make changes suitable for their platform.

The US restrictions that blocked Google from conducting business with Huawei, the second largest smartphone vendor in the world, will have negative repercussions on the company as well. As a backlash, Huawei might also block the app developers from the US to offer products through its devices.

To add to the controversy, ‘The Information‘ reported that the indigenous OS still has a long way ahead and is far from complete. In this case, the chances for Huawei looks bleak, if this ban is not lifted.

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