Huawei Honor 10 – Release Date, Specifications, Features and Availability

Huawei Honor 10 –  Release Date, Specifications, Features and Availability

It is about time that we get to experience Huawei’s latest flagship phone, which is so close to being released to the rest of the world. Why do we say to the rest of the world? That is because the phone has already been announced last month in China and it is now going to be released for Europe and India as well.

In order to be prepared for the release of this phone we are going to talk about the specs that it has (which will not be that difficult, since we do not have to base our claims on rumors as the announcement already happened and the company unveiled everything), the features that we find most interesting and the release date and the way in which it can be purchased.

Huawei Honor 10: Top notch display to make a comeback

We have seen an incredible number of phone companies go out and introduce that top-notch display in the design of their latest phones and it looks like Huawei has decided to join their ranks as well. In this case, the top notch on the front end of the phone will be housing the selfie camera, the proximity sensor and last but not least, the ambient light sensor.

Moreover, the screen is going to be 5.8 inches and it will have a 19:9 aspect ratio. When it comes to the resolution of the phone, expect to see 1080 x 2280 pixels. This would ensure that users will get their hands on a phone that has a screen which will render images with crisp and clearly defined colors.

Huawei Honor 10: Processor, RAM, and storage

These three are perhaps the holy trinity of any phone’s design, what everyone looks for before they make a purchase. In the case of Honor 10, we will be talking about a Kirin 970 chipset paired with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. There is also a 128GB model variant but form what we have seen that model will only be available in India. Before we forget to tell, you need to know that Honor will be coming with Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box and it will also have Huawei’s own EMUI to boot.


We will be seeing a setup that is gaining more and more momentum, namely the dual cameras on the rear end of the phone. Here we can see that we will be getting a 16MP camera with f/1.8 aperture and a 24MP camera that will have f/2.0 lens. Other features that we can see are the AI camera, the 4K video recording and also the 2x optical zoom. The front camera is a 24MP one, not bad if we may say so, which will also be able to support AI features and it will have Face Unlock as well.

Huawei Honor 10: Color Options Available

It is not often that people look out for phones that offer a wide spectrum of color options. Now, the most popular brands release phones that come in three classic options: black, white and perhaps rose gold. Some may even have a blue variant as well. Here is where Huawei’s Honor 10 stands out from the competition.

The phone will be coming in three different color options: Grey, Mirage Blue, Mirage Purple and the classic Black version. This would ensure that customers have the option to pick a phone color that they love and if they want to change it up sometime later they could always get a case for their phones which would ensure that they can switch things up in favor of their preferences.


When it comes to the battery, after last month‘s announcement we found out that Honor 10 is going to come with a 3,400mAh battery. It will also support 4.5A fast charge through its USB-C port. This would mean that while the battery may last you a whole day, even if does not you have to option to plus you charger quickly into an outlet and not have to wait that long for you to see the battery percentage go up to the level that you need. Yes, it is not the biggest and most powerful battery on the market but it makes up for that with the fast charge option.

Huawei Honor 10: Release Date and Price

China may have gotten Honor 10 already but the rest of the world is still waiting to have it. This is why Huawei has decided to choose the 15th of May as the date when the phone will be released in Europe at an event in London. We have to also mention the fact that Flipkart has already come out with a statement, saying that they will be the official online carriers of the handset after the phone is launched in India.

This partnership between Huawei and Flipkart is going to be good for both of the parties involved. In order to get fans more interested in buying this phone, Flipkart has decided to post a small teaser in which they called Honor 10 the most beautiful phone of 2018.

This tagline is bound to get people to look at the features that the phone will come with since it is both mysterious and intriguing enough to make a statement. In the meantime, we will have to wait and see the official release event unfold and hopefully we will be lucky enough to get our hands on one of these phones in order to test it out and see if all the claims are true.



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