The Huawei Company is Avoiding Their 2 Year Warranty

The Huawei Company is Avoiding Their 2 Year Warranty

On a Nexus 6P reddit in Australia, people reported that Huawei company and Roadhound Electronics say most devices are out of warranty, long before they are supposed to.

For example, a person stated to check his warranty through a website about 3 weeks ago and sent his phone off to be repaired. The warranty was soon to be expired on November 2017. As he checked out the warranty in the same IMEI, it said it ran out in December 2016. As I said earlier, it “expired” long before it was supposed to.

A member of the forum posted a photo with the warranty card, saying the warranty is supposed to last for 24 months. However, another user had the same card but unfortunately, it’s been sent off along with his phone when sent for repair or replacement.

He stated that Roadhound Electronics are basing warranties and repairs off the Huawei website and sending people bills for the repairs if they don’t have a proof of the warranty being still available. You can do that with your warranty card or even threaten ACCC.

This user stated that when he bought the phone, he chose an extended warranty for it so now, instead of Huawei, he is facing a third party. He says this is one of the horrible customer services and it clearly lacks responsibility.

The best way to deal with this issue, and I strongly recommend it to all the other Australians, is to fill out a complaint form against the ACCC, hoping they would look into this problem and solve it because this is not something small that should be avoided or ignored, and if you find yourself facing this problem, you need to take action immediately!

Update from Huawei:

There may be some confusion as the warranty is different between those devices that were sold outright and those devices that were sold with a contract with a service provider. This is something we have changed now because of such confusions and have standard warranties regardless of channel. So this may be the issue. Additionally, if the extended warranty was purchased through the vendor, it may not show on the Huawei website as they are a separate entity.

With regard to the warranty. I would highlight the disparity between a 12 month warranty and a 24 warranty on that particular device. The booklet included will identify the warranty relevant for that specific device. With regards to the extended warranty that is a question for the retailer. If the consumer has a 24 month warranty included in their box but for some reason is being told that they have a 12 month warranty, check in with their local Huawei service center and we will look into it.

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