Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei Claims, 6G Research Work is On

The world has experienced the taste of 4G and left awestruck by its speed and efficiency. While many countries are still soaking in the concept of 4G, Huawei already has 5G on the field. The USA and South Korea are the only countries that at present have 5G compatible devices and network. Other countries are yet to get 5G networks.

Amidst this network revolution, the CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, in his interview to CNBC has confirmed that ‘Huawei has been parallelly working on both 5G and 6G. However, the “development of 6G” is still in its “early phase” and there is still “a long way to go” before it is commercially available.’ The statement that was originally released in Mandarin later had an official translation in English.

Huawei 6G

As per the words of the CEO, the team at Huawei has been working diligently to serve the world 6G network. He also clearly states that it may take a long while for 6G as compared to 5G to be available. The industry although, is yet to achieve a stable ground for the 6G boost which it will experience in the future.

Earlier this month, the esteemed company launched ‘Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G smartphone’. As mentioned in the official site, ‘Rethink Possibilities’ is the idea behind the development of this smartphone. Built to support the need a ‘future with new possibilities’, the device is hi-tech. The smartphone has a halo around its triple back camera, a sophisticated design, immersive view amongst others and lastly the window to 5G network. ‘Delight is in the details’ is what is mentioned on the official site and one after having a thorough look of the phone will agree. Every little detail has been made to perfection, but perfection comes at a price, in this case being roughly $1,200.

China will be the third country to experience 5G soon. The country has been eagerly gearing up for the same. Through the 5G wave what we can understand is that 6G will be surely beyond our understanding. Also, 6G compatible devices will be more expensive and the level of upgrading will be top-notch.

As of now, the company is working efficiently to make 5G available in many other countries. Let’s divert our focus back to 5G for some time and make the most out of it. 6G is definitely a part of the future we can’t wait to experience.

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