HTC U12+ Revealed – Specs, Features and Improvements

HTC U12+ Revealed – Specs, Features and Improvements

While HTC is a well-known brand among smartphone enthusiasts, recently it seems that it did not manage to stay close to its competition. 2017 was a rough year for HTC both financially and on the market, with the company struggling to remain relevant when pitted against other major companies such as Samsung that look like they are putting in a lot of effort in order to come up with various ranged phones that attract buyers from all parts of the world and from each social class.

However, with HTC U12+ the Taiwanese company is hoping to break the ice and reestablish itself on the market. Read more to find out all that we know so far about the phone, including pictures that will show you how the phone looks from every angle.

No headphone jack for HTC U12+

We would like to talk about the bad news first in order to get them out of the way. For those of you that have already decided to take a sneak pic at HTC U12+’s pictures then you must have seen that the phone does not have a headphone jack. Yes, it looks like the Taiwanese company decided to follow what Apple did with their latest smartphones.

Sadly, we believe that this decision is going to anger HTC fans since it is always easier to carry a pair of headphones around rather than take extra care of a pricey pair of wireless ones. We will have to wait and see if this move is going to hurt HTC U12+’s sales in the long run.

New display design

Here is what caught our attention from the pictures, the design that HTC opted for. We can see that the company is focused more on putting out on the market a phone that is more centered on functionality rather than aesthetic design.

The screen features an edge-to-edge display that has a top bezel with a dual camera that has 8MP sensors on the front. On the back of the phone, we can see that it also has dual cameras, 12MP and 16MP to be more exact, and under them, we can find the fingerprint reader and also a dual-LED flash.

Some Android fans will be happy to see that the phone does not come with the already overly popularized top-notch design that was first brought along by Apple and then borrowed by a number of other companies with their next flagship smartphones. If we failed to mention before, the display of the HTC U12+ is going to be a 6’’ Quad HD+ Super LCD 6 that will have Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. So, you can be sure that your display will be safe if you somehow drop it.

Processor and OP

The smartphone is going to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor, one that we have seen being used a lot by other companies as well since it works very well in increasing the performance of the phone, and this will be paired with Adreno 630 CPU. When it comes to RAM, HTC U12+ will have 6GB of RAM and either 64GB or 128GB of internal storage, depending on which option the user chooses.

If this amount of space is still not enough for you then you can expand it up with a microSD card, the phone allowing cards that are up to 2TB. This means that you will have all the space that you could ever want for your games, your videos, your pictures and even for the documents that you decide to store on this smartphone. It is all up to you how you decide to use it.

The battery

Last but not least, we must not forget to talk about the battery that HTC U12+ is going to have. The phone will come with a 3420mAH battery and it will also have the option for fast charging and even wireless charging.


When we talk about the connectivity options that this phone has, we must mention that it includes Wifi 802.11 ac (2.4 and % GHz), GPS with GLONAS, USB Type-C, 4G VoLTE, and last but not least Bluetooth 5.

Problems for HTC in 2017

As we mentioned before, HTC has had a number of problem in 2017, the biggest one being that it lost over 570 million dollars. This is why the company has decided to downsize the number of phones that it releases on a yearly basis and focus on improving those that it does to the best of its capabilities.

Some analysts state that HTC U12+ is going to be able to compete with popular flagship smartphones that have come out this year, such as Samsung Galaxy S9+ and even Huawei’s P20 Pro. Looking at the specs of this phone we cannot contradict this, HTC has a big shot at re-establishing itself on the phone market with this phone.

When will it be released

From what we have managed to find out, HTC U12+ is bound to be released soon, probably this May. We do not have a lot of information regarding the price of this phone but with the specs that it has, we are expecting it to be similarly priced like other flagship smartphones that are already out on the market. It remains to be seen if HTC’s sales will be at the level that the Taiwanese company is hoping for or if people have lost hope and are deciding to stick with another brand. We are hoping for the former, not the latter.



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