HTC U12 Release Date Confirmed: Will the Pricing and Specs Live Up to the Hype?

HTC U12 Release Date Confirmed: Will the Pricing and Specs Live Up to the Hype?

The HTC U12 has been in the news for many weeks as it was the touted successor to the HTC U11 which had an innovative squeeze feature. While the previous phone had impressive hardware specifications, the pricing was all wrong as HTC does always and it didn’t take off as the flagship to save the brand.

Will the HTC U12 or HTC U12+ (the actual name is yet to be confirmed) finally save the brand from becoming obsolete? After all, they are in dire need of a hit in the smartphone market as every other manufacturer and even new ones like Xiaomi, Vivo have bagged a position in the top five list.

HTC U12 Design Aesthetics

The HTC U12 borrows a lot of design elements from the HTC U11+ which was the successor of the U11 with minor tweaks. The phone’s production design got leaked online much earlier before it could be officially revealed. The leak was done by none other than Evan Blass, the popular Twitter personality who is known for his credibility.

Going by the leaked information, the phone will retain design aesthetics found in the 2017 flagship and will sport a large 6-inch display with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The designers have managed to considerably reduce the bezels so as to make the phone look relevant in 2018. When companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus are already moving towards a bezel-less design with a top-notch, HTC seems to be slow to get used to this change.

The premium body found in the U12 will be covered in a liquid glass enclosure if the leaked renders are something to go by. It may not be the final design but it also confirms that the phone may have a trio of cameras in the rear to allow users to take DSLR quality photographs with bokeh effect.

Hardware Specifications

The HTC U12 will be powered by the most popular and widely used processor of them all. The device will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor which is already used in all major flagship models. A surprising addition is that the phone will have 6GB of RAM in the basic model while a rumored edition will sport 8GB of RAM. HTC may reserve the increased RAM for a future model, possibly the U12+ which may get released towards the end of the year.

The phone comes with 256GB of storage space and will also support SD card to further expand the available storage. With IP68 water and dust resistant rating, the device will have the traditional squeezing functionality debuted by HTC with their U11 flagship. It houses 3,420 mAh battery that should easily last an entire day as the new Qualcomm processor has been optimized to be highly energy efficient.


The flagship model according to an update posted on another Twitter channel will sport a dual camera setup, comprising a 12-megapixel camera and another 16-megapixel, to be the Sony IMX3xx. While other reports claim the phone will go with a trio of cameras in the rear and will provide some innovative changes in the camera department, going with a dual camera sounds more credible and should allow users to get the work done without hassles.

The phone will sport two cameras in the front, a dual 8-megapixel camera setup which is rarely found in most flagship models. HTC strongly believes that this will enable them to attract users who are interested in selfies and want wide angle lens in the front to take group photographs whenever they feel like.

Face ID and Improved Sound Quality

LG has recently started focusing largely on offering the best sound quality in their flagship models. They have been using dual DAC setup in all their newer models and HTC seems to have taken inspiration from the setup. The U12 is expected to have high-quality loudspeakers but as the previous model, the HTC U11, ditched the 3.5mm audio jack, the upcoming flagship may do the same and focus on being the Apple iPhone X it aspires to be.

It will also support Face ID but it may not be as perfect as the iPhone X as all major Android smartphone manufacturers still have a long way to go to achieve the perfection. The phone will retain a fingerprint sensor and will run on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box with HTC Sense UI wrapped on top. The device is part of Project Treble and Google should be able to provide Android updates to HTC’s flagship at least for two years.

Most users complain that HTC phones never receive an Android update apart from the version it runs during launch but Project Treble should alleviate the issue to a great extent. Google introduced the concept to allow all flagship models and phones that have powerful hardware to receive Android updates for a year or two without forcing users to change the device every 10 months or so.

Pricing – Will HTC Get it Right This Time?

One of the biggest and most prevalent complaints is that HTC is known for overpricing their devices every time. While major players like Motorola, LG and Xiaomi enjoy a great market share in the entry-level and mid-range segment, they refuse to join the fray. HTC U12 is a flagship model which will be priced on par with other phones (possibly $700 to $800) in the segment that runs the latest Snapdragon processor.

HTC U12 is also said to feature LCD screens instead of OLED displays which should play an important role in keeping the pricing of the device affordable. LCD displays are usually brighter and easier to manufacture when compared to OLED screens which are used in most Samsung smartphones.

Confirmed Release Date

In a Twitter post, HTC confirmed their next flagship will get launched on May 23rd and they have created a creative invitation that has all the components used in the smartphone. While they didn’t explicitly confirm it is the U12, it will be the U12 or the U12+ according to how the company chooses to name it.



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