HTC U12 Leaked – Latest Info About Its Specs

So far 2018 has been a year where many phone companies have had leaks about their new projects and HTC is now part of it. The one who posted the supposed leaks about this new phone is LlabTooFer, a source that is an expert in HTC leaks.

What have they found out?

It looks like HTC was not lying when they said they are going to bring back dual rear cameras for their 2018 phones as the leaks seem to confirm this. The leaks suggest that the HTC U12 is going to have the much anticipated dual cameras that are going to be 12 and 16 MP respectively.

What else do we know?

This new smartphone is also going to have a Face Unlock feature, it is going to use as a chipset the Snapdragon 845 and it is going to have a 6 inch QHD+ screen to boot. Moreover, this phone is going to have 6GB of RAM and huge amount of internal storage, up to 265GB of it, to be clear. It will be water resistant and it will have a 3420mAh battery. HTC also seems to be going to use Project Treble, a project that Google made, in order to bring fast updates to their users.

When will we get to see this phone?

If we are to take for granted what LLabTooFer has stated, the phone is going to come out sometime this April. The information does not seem to be far-fetched as HTC already presented an anonymous phone with a very tall screen at a previous conference.

What we do not know at all is when this phone is going to launch. In the past, Sprint was able to have an exclusive carrier right for the U11 but it is unclear if they are going to be able to get the same privilege with this new phone.

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