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HTC U12 Concept Features and Improvements

U11 is the name of the most recent flagship made by the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. According to various reports, this device is being sold faster than the predecessors, namely the HTC M9 and HTC M10. AnTuTu even gave it the name of the best device in May this year. Even though HTC didn’t declare anything about a possible successor, there is a concept design for HTC U12 that startled our imagination.

Upcoming Features for the U12

The U12 concept doesn’t borrow anything from its U11 predecessor. It actually looks like a completely different device. The cameras, the display and the overall design don’t resemble the U11 at all. From what it seems, the upcoming device will bring a 5.7 inches 4K display that has curved corners. At the top and bottom, you will notice thin bezels.

The top bezel also presents an earpiece, as well as the dual 16 MP cameras to the left. On the bottom bezel, you will only find a banner for the HTC logo.

The back is made of metal, while the back of the U11 and U Ultra was made of reflective glass. You will find two cameras placed vertically right in the middle of the phone. On their right, there is a dual LED Flash.

Using the Innovative Fingerprint Technology

Since we can see that there is no fingerprint scanner visible on the design, one thing is clear. Most likely they are going to employ the under-display scanner technology developed by Qualcomm. Moreover, it runs on a Snapdragon 845 processor and it brings 6 GB RAM, as well as 128 GB internal storage.

At the bottom you will also notice a pair of JBL speakers. However, there won’t be any audio jack for now. We don’t know the battery capacity yet, but we sure hope not to be disappointed.

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