HTC Journey Into VR Is Rapidly Approaching

There are a couple of things that we would like to report on regarding HTC updates this week. For instance, the company has confirmed that they have laid off US employees and, on a better note, they are going to merge their smartphone and VR departments.

How did this all happen?

For starters, The Verge and Digital Trends both confirmed that HTC has sent some of their employees that worked in US offices home this week. This started happening right after Chialin Chang, the president of HTC, decided to resign last week.

The number of employees that has been laid off by the Taiwanese company is yet unknown but people are speculating that it is quite a significant number. An anonymous source stated that the number is between a dozen and a hundred people but he couldn’t be clearer about it.

Where is HTC heading towards?

The company said that they are starting to merge the smartphone department and the visual reality department of the company in a clear effort to minimize costs. They said that they have merged the two departments in each region where they have offices. By doing this there have also been a number of fired employees as two departments turning into one does require less people but the people in charge will have twice the responsibilities that they had before.

What will the future hold?

It looks like the company is going through a rough time economically speaking, with estimates saying that they experienced a net income loss during the first three quarters of 2017. They lost 70 to 100 million USD during each quarter. However, things may be looking up for the company as their deal with Google was closed last month. Their new smartphone did have very positive reviews so far and a new phone is rumored to be already in the works.

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