HTC’s Future Depends On One M10

Before 2008, HTC (High Tech Computer) was known as the manufacturer of the high-end handsets for Windows Phone Mobile. They started to collaborate with Google in delivering the first Android phone, HTC Dream, which came to the U.S market in October 2008. This device was available through T-Mobile G1 at $179 for a two-year agreement. Since that time, HTC Inc., focused on the Android smartphones and in 2010 they released HTC EVO 4G as the first smartphone that supported the 4G network in the U.S.

The following years, they were popular with their flagship, ‘One M’ series. One of the famous “One M” series is HTC One M8, released in 2014. It’s sold well in the market and made their market share 7.2% increase in 2015. This flagship series always gets the upgrade every year, so that it can compete with the other brands. Last April, they launched HTC One M9 and in 2017, it’s time for HTC One M10 to come.

The Design

Before they release One M10, they have released the mid-range series, One A9 (which has a design similar to iPhone 6, even though they denied it), and One X9 for the Asian market. Both have the new design from HTC, which is more dynamic and refreshing. The design of HTC One M series always looks similar every year, and they want to change that impression with the new design.

One M7, M8, M9 and One A9, source:

One M7, M8, M9 and One A9, source:

The good news is, the rumor said, they will change the design of One M10, and make it similar to One A9. The latest leaked image shown alleged One M10 device, which is really different with its predecessor.

HTC's Future Depends On One M10

The device has a jaggy power button that is rarely adopted by the other smartphones. It gives a different experience when you touch the button, and the important thing is, it’s different with the design of the volume rocker button. There’s also a small rounded home button on the front side likely as a fingerprint scanner.

The Specification

The One M10 is rumored to come with a 5.1” QHD AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 820 or MediaTek (depends on the sales area), 4GB of RAM, and a 12MP UltraPixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and laser-assisted AF. When it comes to OS, the device will adopt Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with HTC Sense 8.

According to the new rumor, One M10 will be shown on MWC in February, and will be available in UK in April 11 and May in the U.S.

HTC will compete with the other flagship smartphones, like Samsung Galaxy S7, Xiaomi Mi 5, LG 5, Huawei P9, and more. Moreover, iPhone 5SE from Apple may also come in the next few months.

Will HTC be ready to compete?

The upcoming HTC One M10 with codename “Perfume”, should be the real reflection from HTC in 2017 to represent their best innovation and vision in the smartphone world. If they only focus on specification area, the Chinese smartphones will overtake them. With the same or higher specs, Chinese smartphones offer a cheaper price. HTC should offer the other things beyond the specification, such as a new design, a unique technology, and a better software.

If their flagship cannot attract the smartphone users, it will be difficult to compete with the other brands. HTC One M10 is the future of HTC in the smartphone world.

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