How You Didn’t Expect Android P To Be Named

When a new Android comes on the market, it usually has a dessert name and a mascot that matches it, so users got used to this. Google has been trying to troll and mislead people who would try guessing the new Android name, but now there is no more need to do that as the expectant settled and they just want to be surprised. Their surprise might be that Android might be named the oddest sweet ever.


Even though Android has never been named as a pie, that “P” might stand for one giving a hint regarding the so kept secret. Someone even said Android might move to fruits and name it Pineapple but it is not convincing.

Somehow a clue was thrown at us by Google when popsicles appeared in its wallpapers’ release along with beach-themed images, but this is how the Android maker like to tear up the public and light in them the wish of guessing. SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer trolled the public last year by saying that Android 8.0 will be named Oreo, but the prank turned into truth.

According to Tabletowo, a Polish website, the clue was actually given by a Huawei employee who was answering questions about future upgrades of Huawei P9 Lite. He is a customer representative, and he named the software “Android Pistachio.” Obviously, it is a nut and not a dessert but “Ice Cream” can be added and it would be “Pistachio Ice Cream.”

With that being said let’s dive into some possible Android P names:

  1. Petit Four

This dessert can be both sweet and savory and its complexity might highlight the diversity of the Android ecosystem as it was firstly named before settling to alphabetic names.

  1. Pound Cake

Taking the plane to America, this would not be Android’s most imaginative dessert as it is too simple. However, you never know when it might want to stick to minimalism.

  1. Pastille

Pastilles might be a decent outside bet for Android 9.0. They are coated in sugar, chewy and hard gum-like candies that are sometimes used as medicine.

  1. Popsicle

Everybody loves an iced popsicle in the hot summer days, and this is exactly what Android inspired when it releases those wallpapers in spring, so this might be a good guess.

  1. Pancake

The world-wide adored dessert or even breakfast substitute might also be a choice of name.

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