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How Will Amazon Prime’s Free One-Day Shipping Favor Prime Day Sales 2019?

Amazon hosts its big Prime Day Sales every year, usually around the month of July. While the e-commerce giant didn’t officially announce the dates for this year’s event which is just around the corner, they made a surprising new announcement. All Amazon Prime members are now eligible for free one-day shipping and it looks like the company wants to compete with Walmart.

Besides, the announcement coming just a couple of weeks before the big sales day sounds like another way to push sales. Every year, Amazon Prime Sales continues to set new benchmarks and it is easily one of the busiest times of the year for those who work behind the screens to make sure all deliveries are done in time.

In their official statement, Amazon confirmed that their aim is to provide more free shipping options so that Prime members could get the best benefits. The plan already includes a bunch of perks such as Prime Video, Prime Music and access to free ebooks from the digital library. They further added that over 10 million products are already available for free one-day shipping while more new products will be added to the list.

Amazon Prime

The official blog read that Amazon and those who are behind the scenes are super excited to make this announcement. They joyfully added that when the company launched Prime services with free two-day shipping back in 2005, they had a bunch of items like books, beauty apparels and simple products such as baby wipes in the category. However, a decade later when free one-day shipping is being announced, it is ten times bigger than the original announcement and has a massive selection of items that people could start buying immediately.

People will definitely purchase more during Prime Day Sales 2019 which is obviously the calculation that Amazon had too when they made this announcement. It will also have a strong blow on Walmart which is a retail giant that has a presence that is close to Amazon yet the latter’s digital presence is just too big to take them down immediately.

“We assure that Prime members will soon see more and more items being added to the inventory. Even if it might seem like a small selection right now, we will be adding products so that eventually you will be able to get everything delivered in just one day,” read the blog.

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