How to wipe cache partition on Huawei P30

Smartphones store temporary cache files, and over time, these files may pile up and cause various issues. The phone may slow down and become sluggish. Also, the apps may start to misbehave – freeze or crash. One of the reasons is the clutter temporary cache files created. You don’t h ave to delete everything on your phone or perform a master reset to get rid of it. All you need to do is wipe the cache partition. It will remove the temporary files, so your phone will perform better and faster. Here is how to wipe cache partition on Huawei P30.

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When cleaning temporary cache files, you don’t have to worry about your personal data, none of it will be deleted. So, if you are experiencing any issues on your P30 phone, don’t go for a master reset right away. Give this option a chance first. By wiping the cache partition, your device will get a memory boost, it will become much faster, and the app-related issues can be fixed as well.

How to wipe cache partition on Huawei P30

Here is how to wipe the cache partition on your P30 smartphone:

  • Turn off your phone by pressing the Power button then choosing Power off option
  • Once the phone is off, press and hold the Power button and the volume up button at the same time
  • Keep holding these buttons until you see Recovery mode on the screen
  • You will see a few options there
  • Use the Volume buttons to navigate to Wipe cache partition
  • Use the Power button to confirm
  • When temporary cache files are deleted, highlight the option Reboot system now using the Volume buttons
  • Use the Power button to confirm the action.

Your device will reboot. You will instantly notice the change in performance. The phone will run faster, smoother, and there will be no crashes or lags.