How To Use A Tablet As A Second Monitor

We are always looking for some new, creative ways to increase our productivity. If you own an Android tablet or an iPad, one of the options you definitely should consider is to use your tablet as a second monitor. Tablets are super-useful devices on their own, but dual monitor set up will help you to perfectly organize your work, and to finish the tasks faster.

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tablet as a second monitor

How to use your tablet as a second monitor

In order to use your Android tablet or iPad a second monitor, you will have to choose one of third-party apps designed for this purpose, and install that app on both devices – your computer and tablet. We are going to share some of the best apps, but unfortunately they are not free.


Air Display

Air Display ($ 9.99) is one of the most popular options and it lets you connect your Android tablet or your iPad to a Windows computer or Mac. You need to make sure that your tablet and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you own a desktop computer and a laptop, you can use Air Display to connect a laptop as a second monitor.

Learn more about Air Display.

Splashtop Extended Display

Splashtop ($5) is another great app that will allow you to use a tablet as a second monitor. It comes with different features such as on-screen keyboard input, Wi-Fi connection, pinch to zoom navigation, and touch support. Before you pay for Splashtop, you can see how it works as it is free for 5 minutes.

Lear more about Splashtop Extended Display.


iDisplay ($4.50) is a great solution for those who want to increase their productivity. You can easily turn your tablet into additional display for your Windows PC or Mac. It allows you to interact with the second display, to control playback, move objects and draw.

Learn more about iDisplay.


All these apps are great, but remember that your tablet and your computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If that’s not the case, none of these apps will work. Even though iDisplay, Splahstop Extended Display and Air Display aren’t free, they are pretty affordable. Get one of these apps that will allow you to use a tablet as a second monitor, and boost your productivity!

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