How to upload photos & videos on Plex

Plex added a new feature to its platform recently. You are now able to add photos and videos to your Plex account. And, in this article, we are going to be showing you a way to use this feature and understand it. So, sit tight, and keep reading this article to find out how to do it.

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The camera upload feature

Before we start, you should know that you are able to use this camera upload feature on Plex only if you have the Plex Pass. Plex Pass is a subscription to Plex. If you are using Plex for free in the form of a free account, you will not be able to use this feature, not until you subscribe to Plex. Do not waste your time trying to upload photos or videos to your Plex account if you do not have the premium account.

So, here are the steps to setting up and using this camera upload feature.

  • You will first have to open up the Plex app on your phone. And, of course, log into your account if you are not logged in already automatically.
  • After that, you will have to set up the Camera Upload feature on your phone. So, head over to the Settings of your phone, then go to the Applications section. In that Applications section find the Plex app and click on it to expand some options. A new screen is going to show up and you will see a few options there. Click on the Camera Upload option in order to expand that feature’s settings. Click on the Library section and then continue to the next step.
  • A new window is going to show up on your screen. Now, here you will need to choose into which library you wish to add your photos. You are able to make a new library or choose one that already exists. If you want to create a new library, simply click on the New Library button. A small window is going to show up on your screen where you will need to type in the name of that new library. After you are done, press the Create button. And, if you want to select an already existing library, simply select the one that already exists by clicking on the small square that is right next to that library’s name.
  • Next, you need to go back for a little and enter the Album settings. You should select the album into which you want to add your photos. If you have just made a new library, it would be best if you made a new album in that library as well. Or, just choose an already existing album.
  • And now, the last step, head back again to the Camera Upload settings and enable it by clicking on the switch that is right next to that feature’s name.

Uploading photos and videos

After you have set up, and adjusted the camera upload feature, you just need to start uploading your content to Plex. Have in mind that you are able to change the camera upload feature anytime you want to change it. You just need to repeat all of the steps from the first paragraph of this article.

And the uploading process is the same as when you are uploading TV shows or movies to Plex. Just open the Plex app, click on the upload button, find the content that you want to upload, and begin the process. After the process has been finished, you will be able to see the content that you added to the library that you have chosen.

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