How To Update iPad Air 1 From 8.4 Jailbreak To 10.x

How To Update iPad Air 1 From 8.4 Jailbreak To 10.x

It seems that more and more people prefer to upgrade their iPads to the latest iOS version without caring about losing the jailbreak features. This is also the case of someone from sinfuliphone forums, who wanted to upgrade his iPad Air 1 to iOS 10.x, even if his device is currently running on iOS 8.4 jailbreak.

Also, the user wants to make sure that he doesn’t lose any data by performing this upgrade and he also knows that the OTA update is not the solution to upgrade from a jailbroken version of iOS to the original iOS version.

Updating The iPad Air From 8.4 Jailbreak To iOS 10.x

It didn’t take too long for someone to help him in this situation and it seems that it is quite simple to go through this process. First of all, whoever wants to do this, will need to install iMazing application for Windows or Mac. Using iMazing, you will be able to properly make a backup of your personal data from the iPad Air 1.

After that, you will need to install iTunes on your computer, connect the iPad Air 1 to the computer using an USB cable and finally make the iOS update from this application. When the installation is complete, the iPad Air 1 will automatically reboot and you will notice that your device will run on the latest iOS 10 version.

Updating An iDevice To The Latest iOS Version

The downside of updating a device to the latest iOS version is that you will no longer be able to downgrade it back to a iOS version that can be jailbroken. However, it is rumored that Pangu will finally release the iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak sometime in the following days, which will allow you to jailbreak your iDevice.

Have you updated your iPad Air 1 to iOS 10.x yet? Tell us your thoughts about it!

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