How To Turn On Dark Mode On iPhone 11 Series

Apple has brought a Night Shift mode to iPhone long before they finally introduced a Dark Mode feature for the first time on iPhone 11. Both are eyes-friendly features and can reduce battery usage slightly. If you have tried a Night Shift feature before, then turning on Dark Mode on iPhone 11 is not a problem at all. However, if you don’t have any idea how to enable it, you have come to the right place.

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Night Shift vs Dark Mode — What’s The Different

Night Shift and Dark Mode are designed to filter the blue lights out. This kind of light color can cause fatigue, eye strain, and blurry vision. When you enable the Night Shift mode, the screen will automatically turn into yellow-ish, which is softer for your eyes. While, when you turn on Dark Mode, it will flip the background and the text colors of your iPhone screen. The background will appear in black color instead of white.

Moreover, Night Shift is recommended to be used at night before you go to sleep, while Dark Mode can be used throughout the day. Though, you can also activate both features together.

How To Turn On Dark Mode On iPhone 11 Series


There are two methods to turn on Dark Mode on iPhone 11 and both are pretty simple and easy.

How To Turn On Dark Mode On iPhone 11 Via Settings

Dark Mode lies in the Display & Brightness section of your iPhone 11 Settings. Therefore, from the home screen tap the gear icon to open the Settings screen. Here, slightly scroll down to find Display & Brightness, then tap on it. Select Dark to activate the Dark Mode and choose Light when you want to switch to normal mode.

You can set the schedule of Dark Mode on iPhone 11 to sunset automatically. To do that, toggle button next to the Automatic section to activate it. Tap Option under the Automatic section if you want to custom the schedule.

How To Turn On Dark Mode On iPhone 11 From Control Center

The fastest way to turn on Dark Mode on iPhone 11 is from Control Center. Swipe down from the top screen to bring out the Control Center. Press the brightness control gently. Tap on the Dark Mode icon.

Activating the Dark Mode from Control Center is faster. You can easily turn off and turn on the feature in no time. However, if you have set the feature to turn on and off automatically, you don’t even need to do anything every day.

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