How To Trade In Used iPhone To iPhone SE

A long-rumored iPhone SE second generation is finally here. If you are one of those who were waiting for this to happen, you must be ready to upgrade your iPhone right now. But, what are you going to do with your current iPhone? Why don’t you sell or trade-in the phone before getting the new one? If you’ve never done that before and have no idea how to start, this article may help. It’s all about how to trade-in used iPhone to iPhone SE.

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How To Trade In Used iPhone To iPhone SE

iPhone SE second generation comes with the latest Apple chip A13. it is the same chip you can find in iPhone 11 series as well as its fabulous camera features. On top of that, it is affordable. The price starts at $399 for 64GB or $299 with the Apple Trade-in program. Interesting, right?

Apple Trade-in Program


Apple has a program for trading in your old iPhone to get credits for buying a new Apple product. This way you will get a new iPhone SE at a lower price. How does it work? You can do it online at or offline by bringing your used iPhone to the nearest Apple Store.

For online trade-in, you can visit Apple official website. If your iPhone is eligible for the Apple Trade-in program, they will send you a trade-in kit to your address. Therefore, you can send your used iPhone to them and the shipping is free. After they receive your device, they will give you Apple credits or Apple Gift Card. You can use it for getting a discount to purchase a new iPhone SE.

How much does Apple value your iPhone? It may vary, depends on the iPhone model and condition. For example, if you have an iPhone 8 and the phone is in good condition, Apple will value it $170. Thus, you are able to get a new iPhone SE for only $299. Unfortunately, Apple will give you the same price for any storage of each iPhone model. A 64 GB of iPhone 8 will have the same value as 256 GB storage.

Here are the estimated Apple trade-in values for each iPhone model:

  • iPhone XS Max         Up to $500
  • iPhone XS                  Up to $420
  • iPhone XR                 Up to $300
  • iPhone X                    Up to $320
  • iPhone 8 Plus            Up to $250
  • iPhone 8                     Up to $170
  • iPhone 7 Plus            Up to $150
  • iPhone 7                     Up to $120
  • iPhone 6s Plus          Up to $100
  • iPhone 6s                   Up to $80

Sell It To A Buyback Site

If you are not too comfortable to trade in your used iPhone for credits or gift cards, you can sell it to a buyback site for cash. Sell your used iPhone to buyback sites is the easiest and fastest way to get money. There are some popular buyback sites you can try. Most of them offer free shipping to send your iPhone to be reviewed. After your device arrives, they will check and send the money usually via PayPal or the other payment methods.

Each site has different standard prices and policies. Some of them offer a higher estimated value than Apple does, but some may offer less. It will be better to compare one site to another to get the best deal.

Sell It By Yourself

Trade-in your used iPhone for iPhone SE to Apple or sell it through buyback sites is faster than selling it by yourself. You will get credits or cash instantly. This way, you can buy the new iPhone SE immediately.

However, the value you will get may be lower than if you sell it directly to the buyer by yourself. Let’s say your current iPhone 8 64 GB in good condition, will be priced around $160 to $180 through trade-in programs and buyback sites. If you sell it by yourself, you may get $200 to $320 for the same item. But, it may take time to get a buyer.

Where can I sell my used iPhone? There are some popular buy and sell sites like Swappa, eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Market. Post it to your social media like Instagram or Facebook is not a bad idea either. Maybe your friends or their relatives are looking for the item you are selling.