How to share games on Steam

Interested in sharing a game you discovered recently and found it worth playing, then all you need to do is to have a Steam account. Steam is not just a platform from where you can get the best deals on the games,  alongside it has numerous other features to make your gaming account social. It is not like many other anti-social platforms from where you could only purchase and download the game. Connect with Steam and access dozens of features to play the game online with friends and family members, pass a game onto a friend and access the VIP lounges. Here we are going to explain how to share games on Steam.

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Sharing Games with Steam Family Library Sharing

One of the recent developments on Steam enables the user to share the games with their family members and friends, who could play the game they like on their devices and post the results on the leaderboard under their accounts. The Steam Cloud allows multiple players to play under their account name simultaneously, accessing a single library and saving their progress. This way, you will have to buy the game once while over a single purchase all the users could play it. However, Steam only allows 5 users and 10 devices on which the games could be shared.

Well, for this you would need to activate the Family Library Sharing. First, it is required that the Steam Guard security is active. If it is not, then go to the Steam Settings, and choose Account, the first tab on the menu. Click to open Manage Steam Guard Account Security below the user credentials. Once it has been activated, you may share the games with your friends and family members.

Those who want to play the games you shared would need to log in to their device with your Steam credentials. After logging in, they have to open the Steam Settings from their devices. Then they need to select the Family tab or Family Library Sharing tab from the navigation panel on the left. Click Authorize This Computer is the option with which they will confirm the sharing of the games allowed by you. Log out and let those persons log in with their accounts to check the shared games. They would be able to download all the games that you have on your account and can install them on their devices.

This way, you can let 5 members play the games you already have. Along with that, you can share the games with 10 devices. Thanks to the partnership of Valve, Steam brought in the concept of sharing the games. Unlike this platform, there is no other resource available that allows sharing the purchased games for free.

The method is very beneficial for families rather than friends. Anyone living in a distant area where you cannot travel so frequently and easily would not get a chance to try the game that you are playing, as it requires your physical presence to enable the other user to play the shared games. The certain aim is that Steam wants the family members to share the games so that they could create their personal records without bothering any other player in the family.

Most of the games are available for sharing while there are some that require subscriptions. Such games could only be purchased and not shared. Further, the shared games require the internet in order to be played, because without it, the system would not be able to access the Steam Cloud to retrieve the game progress.

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