How to reset Fitbit Versa

The technology that brought about smart devices has definitely changed the way we live our daily lives especially when it comes to healthy habits. Having a constant reminder of the need to practise these healthy habits is pretty much a good idea and The Fitbit Versa has made it an even more enjoyable. This smartwatch has gone further to provide pretty useful features that make life easy for the user. However, such technology can be a challenge to understand or operate.

Like any other gadget, the Fitbit Versa can prompt a reset at times due to malfunctions and what not. It is therefore pretty handy to know how to deal with this at such times, otherwise, all this revolutionary technology and expertise will be all but useless if not a nuisance as well. Restarting the device can also be initiated by the user without any prompt from the device system itself if the device is misbehaving i.e. by not responding to inputs or perhaps if it is giving sluggish responses. There are two ways to reset the Fitbit Versa depending mainly on the problem being encountered.

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How to reset Fitbit Versa: The Quick Reset

For a minor malfunction, the Fitbit can be restored to its factory settings pretty easily without any complex procedures by performing the following simple steps:

  • Navigate to the settings of the device by identifying the gear-shaped icon on the screen and selecting it just like on any other regular smartphone
  • Select the ‘About’ option in the settings to reveal more options
  • The option to reset the device will be found here and can be initiated and executed by simply selecting the ‘factory reset’.

Of course, this method is only possible if the device is responding to these on-screen commands using the side buttons or the touch facility where applicable.

How to reset Fitbit Versa: Button Reset

This reset method is for a device that is refusing to follow standard input commands by its user, hence, preventing navigation to the boot or reset menu on-screen.

  • Firstly make sure that the device is connected to its default charging cable which is connected to the power source
  • Locate the three operation buttons on the sides of the device and position the fingers of one or both hands to operate the buttons simultaneously depending on what is most comfortable
  • Press down firmly on all three buttons simultaneously and hold them down for up to fifteen seconds
  • This action should provoke the appearance of the Fitbit logo on the device output terminal or screen
  • The logo will then disappear after a few seconds at which point the user must release ONLY the right bottom key but without releasing the other two buttons, specifically the right top key and the sole left side key
  • At this point, the device should give off a very discernable vibration feel if the process has been done correctly. This indicates the initiation of the resetting process of the device.
  • A few seconds after the successful initiation of the reset process, the Fitbit static logo should appear on the screen. This is the point at which the remaining buttons must be released to enable a total factory reset. Failure to do this will result in a regular boot up which may not necessarily clear the malfunction.


It is, however, important to understand that a factory reset or boot will erase ALL the accumulated user data from the device and any other settings or customisation that had been done. So, it is not a reversible action. Once the reset is complete, all customization will have to be redone and the device will start its data collection all over again.