How To Recover Data From iPhone Using Ultdata From Tenorshare

No matter how careful you are in using the iPhone, sometimes the accidents still happen. For instance, you have just bought a new iPhone X and trying to transfer all the content from the old phone by following the step by step guide. But, you still end up losing some of the important data, like contacts info, important chat, photos, etc. In this article, you will learn how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone X. Generally, I will share how to recover data from iPhone and any other iOS device. So, keep on reading!

3 Methods To Recover Data From iPhone

You can recover data from iCloud or iTunes backup with ease. However, these two methods have limitation and may fail in certain areas. For example, those two methods cannot be used to retrieve deleted old text messages on iPhone. In this case, you need help from third-party software. Ultdata from Tenorshare is one of the best iPhone data recovery software you can choose to retrieve data from iPhone.

Using iCloud


You can restore the deleted data from iCloud backup for free and do it with ease. All you need to do just head to, hit Recently Deleted that you can find in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Next, select the files you wish to recover or click Recover All, then click Recover.


If you never backed up the data on the iPhone to iCloud or you don’t have enough iCloud storage, this can be a problem. Apple gives you 5GB iCloud storage for free, but we know that it’s really small size especially if you have taken photos or videos often. The company offers up to 2TB of iCloud storage, but you have to spend extra money. Moreover, this method only allows you to recover data in the last 30 days and won’t work if you have deleted the files permanently on So, how to recover deleted photos from iPhone that have been missing for more than 30 days? You need help from third-party software.

Using iTunes


Similar to recovering data using iCloud, it also free and pretty easy as well. You need a computer with the latest iTunes installed inside and a USB cable to connect iPhone to the computer. After it’s connected properly, launch iTunes on your computer. Tap “Trust This Computer” on the iPhone when it prompts. Click your iPhone on the iTunes and select Restore Backup. Choose the backup you want, then hit Restore.


You cannot run this method if you have never done a backup of your iPhone to iTunes. So, you have to keep updating your iPhone data from time to time. This method might not work if the iPhone won’t turn on or gets stolen, because you have to connect the device to a computer in order to recover the data.

Using Ultdata From Tenorshare


  1. You don’t have to back up your data first, because Ultdata from Tenorshare can directly recover it from your iPhone.
  2. Besides it easy to use, Ultdata can also retrieve missing data in any scenario, such as water damaged or iPhone won’t turn on, system crash, virus attack, etc. Even if your iPhone has been jailbroken or disabled, Ultadata can be the solution for you.
  3. It supports a wide range of iOS devices, from iPhone 4 to iPhone XS, all models of iPad Air, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad mini, and even iPod Touch 1 to iPod Touch 6.
  4. Ultdata supports 35+ files data, such as WhatsApp, contacts, photos, Safari History, FaceTime, Voice Mail, Voice Memos, etc. You will also be able to restore line chat history without backup iPhone.
  5. It provides 3 recovery modes: from the device, from iCloud backup, and iTunes backup.


I don’t see any disadvantage of Ultdata from Tenorshare, except, it’s not free software. Though you can get a free trial from them. But, the price they offer is very affordable.

How To Recover Data From iPhone Using Ultdata From Tenorshare

How To Recover Data From iPhone

  1. Download Ultdata iPhone data recovery software on your computer or Mac, here.
  2. Launch Ultdata on your computer or Mac.
  3. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
  4. Enter the passcode on your iPhone if it prompts, then tap “Trust”.
  5. Once Ultdata software detects your iPhone, check all the file types you want to recover and click the “Start Scan” option.
  6. Ultdata allows you to preview the files before it’s completely recovered. After you select all the files you wish to recover, click “Recover”

How To Recover Data From iTunes

In case your iPhone got stolen or won’t turn on, you can recover from iTunes backup file.

  1. Launch Ultdata software on your computer or Mac.
  2. Choose “Recover From iTunes Backup File” option.
  3. Select an iTunes backup to scan.
  4. Preview and select the files you want to recover and click “Recover”.

How To Recover Data From iCloud Backup

  1. Open Ultdata software that has been downloaded on your computer.
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password.
  3. Choose the iCloud backup file of your iOS device from the list.
  4. Choose the file types you need and click the “Next” button. Wait for the files to be scanned and downloaded from iCloud.
  5. Preview and pick the files you want, then click “Recover”.

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