How To Quickly Delete Mozilla Firefox History

The popular Mozilla Firefox browser is familiar to everyone, even to non-experienced users of the computer technologies and the Internet. This browser offers the fans plenty of opportunities: the creation of personal bookmarks, browsing magazines and set all the parameters to your convenience. However, many of them don’t know how to find it in Mozilla and in this guide we will show you how to quickly delete Mozilla Firefox history.

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How to quickly delete Mozilla Firefox history

The structure of Mozilla Firefox browser history

If you are wondering how to delete history in Firefox, then you need to know beforehand which elements create the concept of “history.” Most often it is:

  • Browsing & Download History – This is a special form that displays previously visited pages, and files that have been successfully downloaded to the computer;
  • Form & Search History – storage provides all the words that have ever been put into the form intended for the search;
  • Cookies – responsible for maintaining personal data on sites (passwords, logins and settings page).
  • Cache – specializes in saving multimedia files and all sorts of the web pages in case of re-loading;
  • Active logins – websites that asked you to save your password.
  • Important! To successfully remove Firefox history, you should accurately determine what you want to delete.


Delete history

Start Mozilla Firefox browser and open the menu at the top-right corner and click on “History” < “Clear Recent History”. Here you can choose which part of history you want to delete (browsing & download history, forms, cookies, cache, etc…), as well as the data validity period (for the last two, four hours, today and everything).

After that you need to confirm your action by pressing on “Clear Now”.

Important! You can also manually adjust the browser to automatically remove the history data in Mozilla Firefox.

To do this, you need to:

Go to “Options”. In the Privacy put the tick next to “Clear history when Firefox closes”.

As a result of these actions, the service will automatically remove all data about the pages you visited and downloaded files each time you exit Mozilla Firefox.



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