How to mute people on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media tools on the globe. It’s famous for its origin from SMS based service and also microblogging. It’s a cross-platform free software so it’s easy for everyone to get in. Social media apps these days are helpful as well as a headache sometimes for many people. So, Twitter helps its users to resolve some bad things going around. If someone harasses or insult you, there is no need to be mad, as you can simply mute them and relax. The mute feature helps you to delete someone’s Tweets from your profile silently which means the person who you muted does not know you already did it. You do not even need to unfollow or block that person to do this. Let’s see some important features of the Mute option and also more importantly, how to do it?

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Important things to know first

Someone may follow you even though you muted them and you can also follow the accounts that you muted. After you mute someone, the user can still communicate with you by a Direct Message but you’ll not receive any notifications from that account. Replies and mentions already made by the user that you have muted are still can be viewed from your Notifications tab. Also, tweets from a muted account that you posted before the account was muted will also be deleted from your timeline.

Mute from Tweet

  1. From a Tweet, click the down arrow button
  2. Press the Mute + name of the user option.
  3. That’s it, you have successfully muted that user.

Mute from profile

  1. Select the profile page of the person you want to mute.
  2. Press the overflow icon.
  3. Press the Mute + name of the user option from the list.
  4. This is another way you can mute a person.

Note: The above steps can be followed in any platform (Android, iOS, and web) to mute a user. You can mute or unmute any user at any time from their profile page or Tweet.

Unmute a user account

Every user accounts you have muted can be viewed from the Muted account settings from your twitter web page and also from your Twitter app in your iOS and Android devices.

From a Twitter app for iOS

  1. Enter your profile and select the Settings and privacy option. Then select Privacy and safety option from that.
  2. Under Safety, select Muted option. Then select Muted accounts. You will see the list of users who you already muted.
  3. Press the mute option to unmute accounts from the list. Follow or unfollow the accounts from this list by pressing against each account.

From a Twitter app for Android

  1. From the menu section, select the navigation menu button or your profile picture.
  2. Select the Settings and privacy option from that. Then click on the Privacy and safety option.
  3. Then everything else is the same as mentioned in the previous case. Just follow the same steps.

From Twitter web

  1. Go to your profile, Choose the Settings and privacy option.
  2. Select the Muted accounts option.
  3. You will see the list of muted accounts. From the list, you can view all the accounts (following but muted or not following but muted).
  4. Then the steps are the same as before to unmute an account.

Note: In the Accounts section, you can view all the accounts that you’re following and muted. In the All tab option, you will see every account you muted.

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