How to manage shopping lists with Alexa

There are so many great and useful things you can do with Alexa. This virtual assistant can create alarms, make calls, check emails, just to name a few. But have you ever tried to manage your shopping lists using Alexa? if you haven’t, make sure to do so. Forget about the days when you say to yourself that you should buy something, or add it to your list and then it simply vanishes from your mind. Alexa will add the items you want into your shopping list, and all the items will be saved in the app on your smartphone. So, let’s see how to manage shopping lists with Alexa.

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How to manage shopping lists with Alexa

In order to use some things with the help of Alexa, you need to make some adjustments, but not when it comes to shopping lists. Alexa has a built-in shopping list feature, so it is all ready for you to use it. For instance, you want to add greek yogurt to your shopping list. All you need to do is say, Alexa, add greek yogurt to my shopping list. After that, Alexa will confirm the item has been added to your list.

When it’s time to go to the store, you can find your list in the Alexa app. So, open the app on your iPhone or Android device, tap on the menu button in the top-left and then tap Lists & Notes. All the items you added to the shopping list will wait there.

If you like, you can create more shopping lists, for the same or various purposes. The only thing you need to say is Alexa, create a list.

Alexa can also remove the items from your shopping list. You get the drill – just say, Alexa, remove (name the item you want to remove), and the item will be deleted from your shopping list. Pretty simple and awesome, isn’t it?