How to manage battery saver in Opera GX gaming browser

If you installed the first gaming browser on your laptop, keep in mind that you can use the battery saver that allows you to browse longer when your laptop is unplugged. This feature is available in the regular Opera browser, but it is also included in the Opera GX gaming browser. It is a great feature, and you should try it out. We are going to show you the steps. Here is how to manage battery saver in Opera GX gaming browser.

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How to manage battery saver in Opera GX gaming browser

Using a battery saver can give you more time for browsing when the laptop is unplugged. By making some changes in the settings, you can select that this feature activates automatically when you unplug your laptop. Here is how to do that:

  • Open the browser on your laptop
  • Click on the hamburger icon in the top-right corner
  • In the Easy access, scroll down to the bottom and click on Go to browser settings
  • Next, click on Advanced, then click Features
  • Find Battery saver
  • Click on the switch to turn the feature on

  • If you want to save the battery automatically, click on the switch next to the option. You can choose when this feature activates. The options are unplugged when the laptop is at 80 % battery, 50 % battery, and 20 % battery.
  • In addition, you can turn on the option “Always show a battery icon on the toolbar.”

It is all pretty straightforward. So, head over to the browser’s settings and manage the options to suit your needs and desires.