How to make a Supergroup on Telegram

Telegram is an app that allows you to communicate with people all around the world. You are also available to make regular and Supergroups on Telegram.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to create a new Supergroup on Telegram. The process of doing so is super easy, and the steps are pretty much the same for all devices. So, keep reading this article to learn how to make a Supergroup on Telegram.

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What is a Supergroup on Telegram?

A Supergroup on Telegram is a group that can have max 100000 members in it! The Maximum amount of members in an ordinary group is 200, when that group reaches 200 members, you are able to expand and convert it to a Supergroup. Some say that messages in a Supergroup load even faster than in an ordinary group, despite having that many members. And Supergroups are generally amazing, you are able to make a group for your work with more than 200 workers, or they can also be great if you are a teacher and want to stay connected with your students all the time. So, if you want to learn how to make a Supergroup on Telegram, head over to the second paragraph of this article.

Steps to making a Supergroup on Telegram

  • Well, you will first need to open up the Telegram app on your phone. And before you start doing these steps, make sure that you are already logged into your Telegram account or you will not be able to continue.
  • When the Home page of the Telegram app opens up on your device you will be able to see all of your chats. Look for the three-lined button in the top left corner of your device’s screen. By clicking on that button you are going to expand some options that we need.
  • In the left sidebar that should have shown up on your screen look for the New Channel option. That option is usually somewhere in the top section of that sidebar, right under the New Secret Chat option. Click on it to start making a new channel.
  • You will be taken to your contacts list where you need to select all the users that you want to have in your group. And of course, add just a few people for now, and add the rest of them later. To select users you just need to click on their names. After you are done with that, click on the checkmark in the top right corner of your device’s screen.
  • Now you will be taken to a new window where you need to type in a name for your group. Let your imagination flow and give a nice cool name to that group. When you are done click on the checkmark in the top right corner.
  • When you have made the group on Telegram, open the chat and find the three-dotted button in the top right corner of your screen. That button is going to open up some more options to you.
  • You will be able to see the Convert to Supergroup option in that pop-up menu there. Click on it now. You are going to get a message asking you to confirm whether or not you want to convert a group to a Supergroup. Confirm by clicking on the Ok button at the end of that message.

Now all that is left to do is to add those members that you have not added previously. And you are done, that is how you convert and make a new Supergroup on Telegram.