How To Jailbreak Your IPad

We have written before on how to Jailbreak your iPhone and the complete and detailed steps one should follow. Jailbreaking is mainly bringing your electronics to the open and open for you a completely new world of apps and software that would have never been accessed on your Play Store. Unlike unlocking, jailbreaking is a completely different. One should also take note that jailbreaking may cause damage to your possessions and internal iPad data for it exposes you to a world of a threat as well. Once you jailbreak your iPad all security measures are broken and virus/malware is free to enter your device. So careful what you download or install.

Step #1: Backup

In case anything goes wrong or if you need your previous data for your personal reasons…whatever the reason may be, you should stay on the safe side. Create a backup of your multimedia and settings by connecting your iPad to your PC/laptop/Mac and search for the iTunes column. Right-click on your iPad’s name and select the ‘Backup’ option, from there you will be able to access your data.

Step #2: Download ‘Spirit’

So as you can start with jailbreaking your iPad you have to first download Spirit on your PC/laptop, whatever you are using. You also have to be aware of the fact that the entire jailbreak process is not compatible with the newest iTunes version, 9.2. So as you can complete this procedure you will have to have an older iTunes version.

Step #3: Final Step

If you have any other devices connected to your PC/laptop you should disconnect it and only leave your iPad connected.  Run Spirit and leave everything. Make sure you actually leave everything alone. Do not tap at anything on your iPad! Everything can wait.

Sometimes this entire process does not work, as it happens with everyone, quit Spirit and restore your iPad back to its initial stage. If you find that iTunes is not registering it, kick it to Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode. Then connect your iPad and hold down your ‘Lock’ and ‘Home’ button for nearly 10 seconds. Let go of your ‘Lock’ button but keep pressing down on the ‘Home’ button. Your iPad’s screen will go utterly blank but it will still appear on iTunes. Restore your iPad and attempt doing the jailbreak again.

If you are feeling reluctant to go through the whole thing again you can simply restore your iPad from your iTunes. If it does not recognize your iPad put it through DFU mode once more.

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