How To Install And Download The Xposed Framework On Your Samsung S6 Edge

Xposed framework is said to be everyone’s favorite modeling tool used by many. Earlier this tool was not available for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge devices. Now with the efforts of Wanam and other developers we can download Xposed Framework on the Samsung’s latest mid-sized flagship smartphones.

Now there may be a little problem if you directly want to download and use Xposed on top of the Galaxy S6 Edge firmware. The reason behind it is because the Xposed will only work if the phone has Deodexed firmware. So it means that you cannot install Xposed on top of the stock firmware which is present in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. So if you want to install Xposed framework on your Samsung smartphone you need to have Custom ROM first.

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and download the Xposed Framework on Samsung S6 edge. But before that, let’s discuss the requirements for the installation.


  • You need to have rooted Galaxy S6 Edge which should be running on Android 5.1.1 or above
  • Custom recovery or Flashfire has to be installed
  • You phone needs to have Deodexed firmware

Before you begin

Now most of you would be unaware that Deodexed firmware means. Basically, it means that the stock firmware on all the variants of Galaxy S6 initially contains a set of odex files that speed up the launching of all the apps of the phone. Now the main thing is that Xposed modifies the Android Runtime libraries that the Odex files rely on so the conclusion is that the two cannot coexist together.

So the crux of the issue is that you will need to be running Deodexed custom ROM if you want to use the Xposed Framework on Galaxy S6 edge. Without this you cannot use the Xposed framework. You can use the XstreStoLite ROM. It is available for most variants of Galaxy S6 Edge and it is Deodexed, more of a slim down and also a highly customizable version of the stock firmware.

And also another thing to note before you go ahead with the custom ROM or the Xposed Framework that you will trip the KNOX counter of your device. So you should say bye to your manufacturer’s warranty and let go of the soon-to-be-launched Samsung Pay Service.

Step 1: Download the Xposed Framework and Installer Files

Before you download and install Xposed, you need to download two files. One is Xposed Framework, which is actually a flashable ZIP that will modify your system and the other one is Xposed Installer which is basically an app that will allow you to download and manage all the Xposed modules. Once you are done with the download part, tap on the Download Complete notification from XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk file. When the next screen appears, press Install then you will be ready to flash the Xposed Framework.

Step 2: Flash the Xposed Framework

You can either boot your device into custom recovery or open your Flashfire app. If you use custom recovery then tap on the Install button, and navigate to your device download folder. Now from here select file and swipe the slider which is present on the bottom side. After all the things are done, reboot the system.

If you are using Flashfire instead, tap the + button and select the option named Flash ZIP or OTA option. Navigate to Download folder and then select the Now tap the Flash button in the Flashfire main menu.

Your phone will definitely take longer than usual for finish rebooting and you shouldn’t worry about it. After this, open the Xposed Installer app and go to the Framework section and look for the notification which says Version 71 is active.

Your Xposed Framework will work fine in your smartphone.

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