How To Install An App On LG Smart TV

With technology development, we got a lot of devices that are becoming even better from day to day. Besides

With technology development, we got a lot of devices that are becoming even better from day to day. Besides the fact we have smartphones, a few years ago we have also got a Smart TV. It is a quite common device in almost every household today and provides the user with a lot of options.

Depending on the manufacturer, you can download and install the apps on Smart TV. When we are talking about that, how to install an app on LG Smart TV? Here is some information, so keep reading.

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LG Smart TV

TVs today do act as all of the other smart devices we have, and there are a lot of apps that can be downloaded and used on the TV. Apps are often related to the brand, and not all of the Smart TVs are the same.

To be specific, we are here talking about LG Smart TV. For those who didn’t know, LG has created the platform and called it webOS. This is an especially made platform for LG Smart TVs to run, and it includes a lot of apps and other media content such as games or movies. It can be found over two hundred apps in the LG Store of content.

How to start?

If you are about to install an app on LG Smart TV, here are some notes you should be aware of. At first, you have to establish an internet connection if you want to install applications on your Smart TV. Also, it is good to know that many apps are available in the LG Store for free.

You should download and install apps only from there because it is the safest way to have the apps that work well and to keep your device protected as well. Keep in mind that installing the apps from the other places is not safe, and can cause you troubles with the device.

Procedure to install an app on LG Smart TV

At first, you need to connect the device on the internet. Then, go to the main screen and find and click the LG Content Store. Here, you can find all the content you are looking for, such as applications, or any other media. On LG TV, the menu is looking like a ribbon, so you will notice all of the contents that are already there, while you are moving right and left.

When you have the LG Content Store opened, you will notice that there are two sections. The first one that opens is one containing the TV shows, movies and to switch to the other section, look for the button Apps, placed on the top of the page. Now, when you get to the section with apps, you will notice that there are a lot of apps that you can set to view by categories.

After you go through the apps available for your TV and decide which one to install, you need to select the app. Before installing it, you can also read more about the apps and see how they look.

Now, to start the installation, squeeze the Install option, that you will notice easily when selecting the app. The installation will start right away, and when it is done, you can start using it.

To open the app, go to the home screen. In the menu where all other apps are placed, you will see the app you have just installed. The apps can be replaced on the menu, and to do so you just have to switch the TV to the Edit mode. Although it sounds complicated, it is very easy to do, just select the application and squeeze and hold the button Enter.

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