How to increase Instagram story views

On matters of photo and video sharing, Instagram (now Instagram from Facebook) is the app of apps. Known informally as ‘IG’ or ‘The Gram’, the app provides its users with features such as using hashtags, photographic filters, and in the case of this article, adding stories.

Stories can be likened to ‘Status Updates’ on WhatsApp and ‘Add to Your Story’ on Facebook. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have that in common.

Increasing the viewership of your stories is very important for personal branding and the new-age phenomenon of social media marketing. The more the views your stories receive, the more attention you have from Instagram users. Creating and sharing Instagram stories is an exciting thing but to get more story views is an on-top-of-the-world feeling.

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Fixing the viewership problem

Now, this article is going to guide you on how to increase Instagram story views. It is going to look at the following five ways:

  1. Coming up with creative content
  2. Consistent sharing
  3. Using hashtags and location tags
  4. Using eye-catching and engaging stickers
  5. Using story-specific features

One: Coming up with Creative Content

The one thing that wins all the time on social media is creativity. Creative and original stories usually get popularized until the make it to the ‘Explore Page’. Try going for funny faces, great jokes, epic fails, and hilarious labels. Creativity will also be boosted by quality-looking images or videos so always make sure that your story is pleasing to the eye.

Two: Consistent Sharing

Don’t be like that musician who drops a single, hits hard, and then takes a hiatus to wherever only to come back two years later. If you want to keep your viewership going up, share stories almost every day. You wouldn’t be reading things if you weren’t so hungry for viewers, would you? Make sure that those who viewed your crazy day out yesterday are viewing your dress-up game today. Once you entice your viewers with consistency, they will reward you with loyalty.

Three: Using hashtags and location tags

Hashtags help you to identify the talk of the day and the trend of the night. You can view stories that have hashtags and decide to use the same on your stories. Since Instagram allows you to have up to 30 hashtags, you can get your story powered up by the top-trending hashtags based as seen on the ‘Explore’ page.

On the other hand, location tags help you to connect with specific demographics and help in social media marketing.

Four: Using eye-catching and interactive stickers

Of the many stickers provided on Instagram, these three stand out because they make your viewers able to interact with you:

  1. Question stickers – your viewers can drop questions for you. This helps in building a one-to-one relationship with a viewer. If you respond to a question, be sure of having a viewer whose charisma has been boosted.
  2. Opinion poll stickers – with these stickers, you give viewers the chance to choose between the given options.
  3. Emoji-sliding stickers – if you are looking for a quick, easy, and versatile way of engaging viewers, these stickers should be your pick. Your viewers will surely enjoy sliding the emoji this way and that way and respond to the question at hand.

Five: Using story-specific features

When you navigate your way to the ‘Story’ button, you will see a couple of features that could help you get that number high. These are the ‘Create’, ‘Boomerang’, ‘Layout’, and ‘Superzoom’ features. These filters are specially prepared by Instagram to help you make your story better and fun.