How to Improve your Security on Windows 10

Until recently, Microsoft used to be far more concerned with user privacy. But it seems that with the launch of Windows 10, the company finally caved into the demands of today’s online world where our data is collected for various purposes. While Microsoft still doesn’t farm as much personal info as other companies, it’s still up there with them these days. However, Windows 10 also offers its users the possibility to turn off all these somewhat invasive practices, and thus preserve their privacy. Here’s how to improve your security on Windows 10.

Disable Ad Tracking

Microsoft collects data on you through a unique Microsoft ID. This is performed for just about the same purposes that Facebook does it for as well, allegedly: to always deliver you custom content tailored to fit your needs and preferences. While this might sound harmless, you’d be surprised how much info these things gather. But in Windows 10, you can disable ad tracking, so at least we’ve got the option.

Don’t Use Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new browser that the company equips Windows with, and we have to say it’s not half bad. But it also likes to keep tabs on you more than other third-party browsers do, so you might want to avoid using it. Stick to Firefox or Chrome instead, just like the rest of the world.

Turn Off Location Services

Another thing that Windows 10 keeps tabs on is your location. However, just like with your phone or other devices, you can turn location services off. This might hinder some of the apps you use, but at least you know that Microsoft doesn’t know where you live, or where you travel and so on. Better safe than sorry, right? At least that’s our advice for you.

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