How to Improve Your Chrome Experience and Make it Faster

How to Improve Your Chrome Experience and Make it Faster

Currently, Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the entire world. And by this we mean both on smartphones and on desktop computers. The browser makes indeed the process of looking something up online faster and much easier than it was until now. Keeping this in mind, we should have a look at a brief list of tips and tricks that can help you improve your experience with Chrome.

  1. Copy, cut and paste.

You can share the exact address of a particular web page and the content from websites you like with the simple tool call cut and paste. If you click on the URL of the website and then press the cursor for a couple of seconds, you will be able to copy the address. If you’re using Marshmallow, you will also have an extra option: sharing apps and searching for particular terms on Google Now.

  1. Faster page loading speeds.

You may not have heard about the Brotli function up until now. This is a tool that helps you improve loading speeds for pages. The principle here is quite basic, they simply unzip the websites faster. If you want to enable this, you have to open up a new page on the browser and then enter the URL chrome://flags/#enable-brotli.

  1. Disable open tabs between apps.

Starting with Android 5.0 Lollipop, the recent Chrome tabs get opened together with the apps, and this mix might turn out to be confusing. Thankfully, there is a way to undo the action. You have to open Chrome and go to the three vertical dots menu found on the upper right area. Then go to Settings/ Merge tabs and apps/ Disable. After that, you will be able to organize better your Chrome and it will also work faster.

  1. Switch faster between tabs.

If you already followed the steps above, then you can enjoy yet another trick. If you want to switch between tabs, then you will only need to drag the address bar to your right or left. However, Android relies a lot on gestures either way, so it’s a good thing to take advantage of them and make the entire process of using Chrome easier.

  1. Add a shortcut.

If you have that one website you are visiting really often, then it would be a good idea to add a shortcut to it on the home screen. In order to do that, you have to select the three-point menu and then choose “Add to home screen”. After that, you will only need to choose a label for the icon that will appear on the home screen.

  1. Synchronize your devices.

If you happen to use Chrome across various devices, then it would be a good idea to synchronize them. First you will need to go to the Chrome settings and enable sync on your Google account. However, before syncing, you should open the browser on the computer, sign in on the same account and then click Sync in the account settings. Also, make sure that the Open tabs option is enabled.

  1. Navigate anonymously.

In incognito mode, Google Chrome cannot save your browser history anymore. If you want to access this special mode, then simply go to the three-point menu found on the upper right corner of the browser and then select “Navigate without a trace”. You will see that the anonymous tab icon and the search bar will appear grayed out, and they won’t change when you switch from one website to another. It is useful if you want to look up anything without remaining any traces.



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