How To Improve The Battery Life On Sony Xperia Z5

How To Improve The Battery Life On Sony Xperia Z5

If the battery on your Sony Xperia Z5 drains faster than it should, there are several things you can do to improve the battery life. Almost all smartphone owners will experience this problem after using their device for a while, and it is the one of the most common issues in the smartphone world. Here, you will find some useful tips and tricks that will help you to improve the battery life on Sony Xperia Z5.

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How to improve the battery life on Sony Xperia Z5


See the power-hungry apps

There are many apps which are considered as the power-hungry one. On Sony Xperia Z5 you can easily check and see which apps are using the most power. Once you get the bigger picture, you may consider removing or disabling such apps. To see which applications are using a lot of power, go to Settings, tap Power management and then tap on Battery usage.


Uninstall third-party apps you don’t need

Many of us have tons of apps installed on the phone, even if we don’t use the half of them. However, the apps and their processes are running in the background and that will affect the battery. Remove all third-party apps you don’t use or need anymore.


Activate the Airplane mode when necessary

If you are in the area without the network coverage, your device will be searching for networks, which has a huge impact on the battery. In such cases, it is advisable to activate the Airplane mode.


Turn of Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use

You don’t need all these services non-stop, so what you should do is turned them off. When you need any of it, turn it back on.


Reduce the screen brightness level

Lowering the screen brightness level can be pretty helpful too. To adjust the screen brightness level on your Sony Xperia Z5, go to Settings, tap on Display and tap on Brightness level. Just move the slider to set it all up.


Software update

It is a known fact that the software update brings new features, and it fixed the issues the users might have including the problems with the battery. To get the most out of your Sony smartphone, make sure that the software is up to date. To do that, navigate to Settings, tap About and click on Software update. If there is a new version available for download, just follow the steps showed on the screen and you will be done in no time. Note – use Wi-Fi connection when updating the software because when using mobile data it may lead to extra costs.


Activate the power saving mode

Sony smartphones come with so many great features, including the power saving modes, and by enabling one of the available modes your battery will last longer. You need to keep in mind that these power saving modes will make some changes, such as disabling Wi-Fi or some other service. There are Stamina mode, Ultra Stamina mode, and low-battery mode, so choose the one that suits you best.


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